Friday, November 4, 2011

The Perfect Lazy Girl Hairstyle

You know those days where you look in the mirror at your hair and you just think "I do not feel like doing my hair today?" If you say you never do, I don't believe you. I think everyone does. Looking cute daily is great in theory but no one feels like doing the work DAILY to look cute.

I have a LOT of hair. I mean, a lot. You can ask my sister aka my hairdresser who can never mix enough dye to cover all my hair. Every time I get my hair trimmed, she thins it out. It's a lot of work, what with the blowdrying and the moroccan oil and the brushing and the straightening and the teasing to not end up with that flat look. Some days, I am just NOT feeling it.

Enter the sock bun.

I know what you're thinking. But it's amazing. I've always had bun aspirations but they never work out like I planned. I remember one time I was watching Sex and the City and my husband was somewhere in the vicinity, NOT watching because he hates it, and I asked him (as I love to ask him questions he will never have the answer to) Why does my bun never look like Carrie Bradshaw's?

 He gave me that blank stare I get when I ask one too many questions and then said "Your bun looks like a pineapple most of the time." Now when I wear a bun, I'm pineapple head. Anyways, back to the sock bun. I originally found this on Pinterest as a way to curl my hair. That did not work. But I loved the bun so much. It's perfect for those days you want to look polished but have two minutes. The video I used to get the sock bun is here.
Here is my results:

I like my buns a little messy. The tight ballerina thing is a bit too Black Swan for me. Messy suits me.

So yes, if you see me around town with a super cute non pineapple bun, I may have a sock on my head. 



  1. I think it looks fabulous! I have a lot of hair too and get too lazy to flat iron it somedays, so I have been doing the no heat curls with a headband. Just twist your hair up in the headband at night, go to bed and you have pretty curls with no effort in the morning!

  2. I like the sock bun. I do love pineapple head too. You should try that bow in the hair!

    Your hair is so pretty and shiny.

  3. Thanks for sharing Taren! I love your sock bun ~smile~ Guess where I'm heading? Yup, hubby's sock drawer ~giggle~