Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bump Love {17 Weeks}

                                                      Baby is the Size of an Onion

Due Date: October 26

Maternity clothes? Yup, and loving them! So much more enjoyable being pregnant when you have clothes that fit and that make you feel good. Worth the investment!

Best moment this week:  Lots of good moments but seeing all my Edmonton family and Grandma. Grandma is loving the belly!

Miss Anything? All my cute little dresses!

Sleep? Still sleeping pretty good but having tons of weird dreams so sleep hasn't been quite as restful.

Movement: I swear I've felt a few little movements but then nothing after I try to feel again.

Cravings: Nothing too crazy again this week. I get crazy hungry out of nowhere though!

Aversions: I ate both chicken and beef this week so I feel like I tackled my aversions haha. 

Symptoms: Belly is POPPED, that's for sure. It also feels really full if that makes sense. It's like being bloated when you drink lots of water but then the feeling never goes away. Also starting to get some aches and pains but I feel very, very lucky that my symptoms are so mild.

Workouts: Walking, squats, lunges. Need to work in some more upper body stuff, though, slacked on that a bit this week.

Baby Items Purchased: Nothing yet. Being good!

Mood: Happy! Starting to relax a little bit more and just enjoy it!

Loving: Actually looking pregnant. It's so cool looking down and seeing this little bump stick out. I love looking up online and seeing what baby is up to at that moment in their development.

Looking Forward To: Finding out gender! and all the fun that comes with it, picking out names, clothes, nursery decor....can't wait! Also we have an ultrasound coming up in a few weeks! I'm excited to see the baby looking more babylike!

1 comment:

    I am so glad you found me!
    We are like, what, a few days apart. I'm due on Oct. 22, so we're basically at the same point.
    AND you look healthy, AND you work out, AND you seem down to earth.
    AND you actually have something good to say about pregnancy.

    Do you know how rare that is?
    so excited to start stalking you.