Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bump Love {18 Weeks}


  Baby is the Size of an Sweet Potato!

Due Date: October 26

Maternity clothes? I'm planning a post about this very subject because it was definitely a learning process! The one thing I learned is maternity jeans were so worth it for me! Even though it took forever to find a good pair, I wear them all the time!

Best moment this week:  There's always lots of little moments but I love seeing my best friends and their eyes pop out at my belly because it's growing so fast haha. 

Miss Anything? The warmer the weather gets, the more I miss summer drinks but a virgin margarita once in awhile is quite satisfying! Also sleeping on my back.

Sleep? See above! Sleeping on my side is pretty comfy thanks to my snoogle pillow, and it also feels more natural, it's almost like my brain is telling me to sleep on my side. I sleep on my left for the best blood flow as my pregnancy app tells me. It's funny though because I almost always wake up and my arms are asleep. So blood is getting to my belly but not to my arms! I've dropped my phone on my face a few times trying to grab it to check the time with sleepy arms.

Movement: Not really anything yet.

Cravings: Still nothing too crazy.

Aversions: Nothing to crazy the other way either. Just kinda eating normal lately! Although a chicken aversion is pretty normal for me!

Symptoms: My belly feels freaking huge. Every day it's a little bit bigger, it's so weird and cool. Also the aches and pains have started. All kinds of weird feelings going on, some of which may be round ligament pain. It got a little intense on Sunday so I called my midwife who assured me everything was normal. It makes sense because everything, and I mean everything is growing! My butt is bigger and let's just say I went down a few letters in the alphabet in my bra size (I really hope guys aren't reading this haha) and that is a serious adjustment. I also had my first visit with my chiropractor since I got pregnant and I feel sooo much better! 

Workouts: Same, walking and a bit of strength training.  I feel way more comfortable focusing on being "active" than trying to achieve my own fitness goals. My goal right now is just to be healthy and active and not lose too much muscle.

Baby Items Purchased: Nothing purchased but my friend Amanda gave me a Bumbo (and it's turquoise!), nursing pillow and some diapers! Plus I got to hold her adorable baby for a couple minutes. Side note: DEFINITELY focusing on upper body strength this week, my arm was sore the next day!

Mood: Mostly happy with some random waterworks happening. Sorry Leigh!

Loving: Having a bump!! There's some definite perks, such as people holding doors for you, and expectant mom parking at the mall right next to H&M!

Looking Forward To: Things are definitely starting to feel more real this week. Looking forward to feeling some baby kicks and just being further along. Oh, and FINDING OUT GENDER! Also, doing a little shopping when I do find out the gender. I don't want to go crazy but I definitely want to buy my little man or little lady an outfit at least! Also, I have a pre-natal massage in two weeks!! Woohoo!


  1. I was so happy to be able to pass on some baby stuff to you! And don't worry about the arm thing. It happens gradually so you don't even really notice it :)

  2. Your 18th week of pregnancy was definitely an amazing experience! Except for the pain, that is. It’s a good thing you have a chiropractor you could reach out to anytime. It’s good to know that there is someone who can help you ease the pain by making the necessary adjustments, and also check if the pain you’re experiencing is normal or not. Anyhow, October 26 is just a few weeks away. And I hope you’ll have a safe delivery. Congratulations in advance!

    Sandie Derouin @ US Health Works

  3. It’s good to know that your 18th week of pregnancy was a great one. Except for some muscle pains, which is common, since your body is adjusting as the baby grows. Thankfully, you have a chiro that helped you ease the aches and pains. Anyway, October 26 is just three days away. You must be very excited! I hope you have a safe delivery!

    Victor Barnes @ Advanced Alternative Medicine Center