Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Life Lately - Long Weekend Edition

One big thing that I haven't really mentioned yet was moving all my clients over to a different training location! It wasn't exactly in the plan, but circumstances arose where I and the other trainers had to find a new location, thankfully one of them found a great gym for us to train at and set it all up, which I am very thankful for because it saved me a ton of stress. So that's been a bit of an adjustment training clients in a huge gym vs the small private studio I was training at before. But so far, so good! My clients are so awesome and loyal, I'm so lucky!

Onto the long weekend! On Friday night I did an extremely late bump update in case you missed it here:

wearing my new maternity jeans from Old Navy ($25!!)

The bump is really growing!

It was kind of not a long weekend for me, because I worked on Saturday. I had a client consult in the morning and somehow I thought I worked at the store 10-530 but I found out when one of the guys showed up at 2 that I was not scheduled all day, I read the text from my co-worker wrong! It's always nice getting off halfway through your work day.

Saturday night we had dinner at my Grandma's house with all of the Edmonton clan. Aunts, uncles, cousins, a puppy and a bunch of little munchkins running around. Chaotic and fun! It's always nice to have the whole family together.

Sunday we had a memorial service type thing for the anniversary of my Grandpa's passing. We went to the cemetery where he was buried and they unveiled the headstone. It was really nice but a bit sad. Still miss him like crazy!

Afterwards we were quite close to Cupcakes so we stopped by for a little treat. Should have got a mini though, I couldn't finish a whole one!

Monday I got some much needed time with the hubby, we went for a long drive aiming for Whistler but ending up in Horsehoe Bay, which was apparently where all the sun was hiding! We sat on a gorgeous rooftop patio and had lunch, it was so nice and peaceful. The menu was a bit fancy for me, so I sweetly asked the waiter if I could just get a BLT (while sticking out my belly a bit) and of course he complied. It was so good!

It was really nice to get lots of family time in this weekend. I've had to adjust my schedule a little bit because I found I was working a bit too much. Maybe not too much but too many days. I find I need at least one full day where I can relax and enjoy life. After all, it might get a little busy coming up here. :-)

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