Friday, May 13, 2011

Random Update

I know, I know, I haven't posted for over a week!! I have a good reason, I promise.
You know when nothing happens for a long time and you seem to have endless free time and then suddenly it stops and you have a huge to do list and a billion places to be all at once? That's where I've been.

Currently, I work two jobs, one in a gym and one as an office assistant. Both are part time and I actually enjoy them both and it works well with working on my certification.
Last week, someone at the gym went on vacation and someone left to go to another job and suddenly I was working ALL THE TIME!! I have been doing opening shifts at the gym. Which means I get up at 4am. Seriously. At first I was boggled by the fact that my body could actually do this and it's actually not that hard at all. It helps that my gym's little cafe where I work has an espresso machine. Heaven!! I actually enjoy my morning shifts which is so bizarre. I like the quiet time and knowing all my loved ones are all snuggled up in their beds. Except my dad, who gets up super early. He used to call me at 8am and be like "It's halfway through the day!" Which I totally get now. When you get up at 4am, 8am IS halfway through the day.

So on top of this work stuff I am trying to accomplish everything on my list so that I can take my final Personal Training course at the end of June, so I'm in a bit of a time crunch.
Honestly though, I am so busy right now and I love it! I'm accomplishing tons of things I've wanted to do for a long time, and eating healthy and working out! YAY me! The only thing I haven't been doing is being tidy at home. My poor husband!

I'm not saying it hasn't been stressful but when you make a decision that your going to do something and you don't give up no matter what feels awesome to persevere and not give up when things get hard, which is what I normally do. I have to thank my husband for that because he doesn't let me give up. He will tell me that I'm being a baby and I need to suck it up and move forward. I definitely need and appreciate that in my life!

After all this stuff going on and I finally a WHOLE free day tomorrow. All I wanna do is relax, read my Kobo, enjoy the hopefully sunny day and spend time with my hubby! I'm dying to go see movies, there are so many out there I haven't seen yet: Arthur, Something Borrowed, Bridesmaids, and Fast Five.
That's pretty much my random update!
I leave you with a song I'm loving because I have no free time right now and it's like a mini vacation:

Have a great weekend!!

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