Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Friday, Happy Summer

First off, we need to celebrate, because it's officially SUMMER!!

I haven't made my Summer Bucket List yet, but I will. I got almost everything done on my Spring one except I now need to RE-organize my closet. Oops.

2. Is anyone watching the new show Mistresses? Pure trash, but at least it's a show that's on in the summer. I'm kind of weird, I watch my shows in the morning after Leigh goes to work. It's funny when I became a trainer I thought I'd be starting early because clients would want to work out before work. It seems all of my clients are not into mornings. Fine by me because it's become my favourite time of the day.

3. I got a new printer last night and I'm oddly really excited about it. Project time!

4. This week, I went to the Library. I was looking for a certain book and I couldn't find it anywhere because it's out of print and then I thought I'll check the library and they had it. So I went and checked out some books. How did I forget there was a place that loaned out books for FREE? Speaking of books, I'm working on my summer beach books post, that will be up soon!

5. I have renewed my obsession with Pinterest after making my "Beach House" and "Glamping" boards. So much fun! Will I ever get tired of Pinterest? Follow me here!

6. It's also Friday today. Even though I work on Saturday mornings I still love Fridays. Nothing like the whole weekend to look forward to. Also, it's more socially acceptable to drink wine which my darling hubby usually brings home for me! Hopefully it doesn't rain all weekend but if it does, I'll be curled up reading my library books, drinking tea and listening to the rain. Which is a very close second to sunny day activities.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

SPD Thursday: Beach Babe Hair Spray

Today I'm linking up with A Beautiful Mess And Keep Calm Carry On for Saw It, Pinned It Did It. If you haven`t seen one of these posts before, it`s basically a great excuse to actually DO something off Pinterest instead of just pinning like your life depends on it.
I`ve seen and heard about beach waves hair spray. Many different bloggers and beauty sites posted on it and I never really though it was something that would work well for my hair. I wasn't about to spend upwards of 20 bucks on a bottle for something I might not even use. Until I got a jar of coconut oil from Trader Joes and thought it`d be a great idea to just put it on everything. Moisturise face, moisturise hair, skin whatever it is coconut oil is supposed to do, I'm down.
This spray could not be more simple.


*2 tbsp Sea Salt
*1 cup warm water
*1 tbsp coconut oil
*1 tbsp conditioner

Note: When I did this recipe, there were a million different recipes out there. They say also add essential oil, gel, aloe vera gel. I started with this and liked it so far, I may perfect my recipe as yet! I like the idea of it smelling delicious!

Combine in a spray bottle and shake it up. I shake mine before using each time because the coconut oil kinda rises to the top.


Then spray on wet hair, I do mine right out of the shower. This is the best part, you don't have to worry about screwing it up. You can curl it when its try if you want, but I am afraid of my curling iron. I've used this spray with braiding my hair, putting my hair in a bun, even when I go to sleep I get up and it looks great lol! Pretty awesome if you ask me. Its a bit casual for work unless I pin part of it up, but I love it for just out and about summertime style with a sundress, wedges, maybe a glass of rose on a patio....wait sorry got a little sidetracked daydreaming there! This is pretty much how I did my hair all last weekend as you can see in this post!

Anyways, spray this stuff on your hair and let me know how it goes! Couldn't be easier!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend in Phone Pics

I had such a great weekend with my hubby since he took a few vacation days off! We picked up our new car on Friday and proceeded to have adventures with our tank of gas it came with :-P

A girl's gotta pose next to her (our) new car!

 and take selfies in said car

We spent some time at Leigh's flying club. Leigh did what he does best...

I did what I do best :-P

We drove out to Horseshoe Bay for a little walk and then hit up Park Royal on the way back!

Going out for a Rocky Point adventure with Layla!

Layla's first doggy ice cream at Rocky Point. Yes, they make ice cream for dogs, and yes I buy ice cream for my dog. Are you surprised?

 Cute little truck at Rocky Point until the new ice cream store is finished building.

 I got shorts! Peachy pink ones, Old Navy, 12 bucks. Woo hoo.

And that pretty much wraps up our weekend, we're back home now and watching Revenge. I may or may not have gotten Leigh addicted!

Friday, June 7, 2013

That Time We Bought a Car

Today was a big day for the Evans' family! We bought a car! A Hyundai Tuscon crossover SUV. Of course we have had cars in the almost 5 years we've been together but today we bought a brand new car together and we are so happy and excited!

Even Layla loves it since she has the whole back cargo area to herself with her toys! :-P

Thursday, June 6, 2013

What I'm Loving

I haven't done one of these posts in awhile! Even though they are usually random lists, I love sharing the things that I'm loving (read: obsessed with)

Firsts things first....what always comes first? Coffee, that's what. Dunkin Donuts coffee to be exact. I've never actually been to a Dunkin Donuts but I've always heard about their coffee. I got a bag from Target and ran out pretty much asap. My lovely friend picked up some for me in the states. Also LOVE my little mug.

Drinking Sangria on a patio with my new sunglasses (I love winners)

That particular sangria had pineapple in it. Amazing. Also seriously obsessed with pineapple at the moment.
Something about pineapple just screams summer. I can't wait for the PNE to get here to have pineapple Dole whip!! I also love pineapple print everything, how cute is this picture?

Not everything is food related on this post...we just got Layla a Furminator dog brush....oh my gosh those things are CRAZY. I am actually obsessed with it the amount of loose fur it gets rid of is amazing and Layla's coat is looking lighter and shinier already. Highly recommend!

This pic of me and the girls:

Ok, now back to food. Everyone's always going on and on about Trader Joe's and all the best things they have there. You know what my favourite thing is there? You'll never guess.


Smoked Paprika!!! I actually found out about this spice while researching taco seasoning recipes (find my favourite here) and then I got some from Trader Joes and started using it instead of regular paprika. Holy flavor!! I make blackened chicken with it as well.

I am also seriously loving that Summer will be here in a few weeks!! I've been working out and eating healthy and feeling great and it really makes a difference when summer comes around. It also makes me love one more thing, my job as a trainer. I love helping people realise that they are capable of more than they thought!
That's all for today, most random post ever!