Sunday, August 26, 2012

Things are Changing!

If we are friends on Facebook, you may have seen that I got a new job. For a very long time I wanted my job to be Personal Trainer, helping people getting fit, inspiring people, motivating people. For a long time I held myself back from doing this.

As of two Thursdays ago, I'm offically a Personal Trainer at Steve Nash Fitness World in Port Coquitlam.

I'm so excited about this new job! It's such  a fun place, and I'm lucky to have a great team of people to learn from and work with.

Today is my last day working at the store, so as of tomorrow I'm a full time Trainer! So exciting to be finally working towards my dream life!

I also have to say thanks to everyone in my life who has been so supportive! My husband, friends, parents, family, new co-workers, old co-workers, everyone has been so amazing awesome.

Thanks for believing in me!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer bucket list - Camping

A few weeks ago, our friends convinced us to go camping. Leigh and I have not been camping since our childhoods and never together. I used to love it when I was a kid, we would always go to Cultus Lake. They had a candy store, hot water, showers and waterslides. It was awesome.

This was not Cultus Lake.

We got there at night so we had to set up our tents in the dark. Leigh and I borrowed a tent from my in-laws. And then attempted to set it up in the dark without ever having laid eyes on it. But we survived.

Next morning...
 Once I got out to the water, I felt much more at home.

 This is my calling.

 Jeannine and the super cute kid in our group :-P

 Not too sure what's going on here, but I'm going to guess that beer is involved.

 It may not have had showers but it did have beautiful views!


Jeannine decided to wear her Palm Bay headband to make us forget how much we're not cut out for camping haha. And somehow recruited Amanda into it too.


Amanda & Alex. Not pictured - their adorable dog that I want to steal.

So yeah, that was camping. It was fun, but next time Leigh and I will go camping here.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pentiction Love

I have been a little slow on the updates lately. Did I wait to long to post pics of my summer trips? Well, it's my blog, so I guess I can make my own rules!

A few weeks ago, I went to Pentiction with the girls. We had gone 2 years ago for my stagette and had such a great time we thought we should hit it up again! We've grown up a bit since then so it wasn't a party crazy trip as much as it was a crazy fun girls trip!
First and foremost, we went PARASAILING! I had wanted to go a few times before in Hawaii and Mexico, but Penticton is perfect for parasailing. It was a little terrifying to think about, but I was fine once we got on the boat.

The rest of the trip was spent eating at restaurants (I got addicted to a salad at Salty's Beach House) drinking margaritas, sometimes with beers tipped into them, oops.

Also hanging out on the beach, obviously!
gorgeous beachy Nicky


Nicky and Jeannine

Jeannine and I

Nicky and I.


Nicky and beer sign haha

Beach pic!

We also rode down the channel on floaties twice with our inflatable cooler. So much fun! Can't wait till next year!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2nd anniversary!

I have been so bad at blogging regularly this summer! However, I know from experience this is a summer thing. When I look through my blog reader, everyone else is posting less and less which makes me feel better!

Today is my 2nd anniversary! I can't believe it's already been 2 years since we got married!

Photo by Carol-Ann Photography. Of course.

Tomorrow is 2 years since we left for Hawaii for our amazing honeymoon!

Which means it's seriously time for another trip with my hubby!

I found this awhile ago and I love it! Marriage is definitely an adventure, it has it's ups and downs but when your with the right person it makes every moment worthwhile.