Thursday, June 30, 2011

Popsicles and the Bachelor!

I have been such a bad blogger! I'm not being lazy, it's just not much is going on lately that's worth blogging about! However, a few things:
    How SHOCKED are we?

    Oh right. That's what we predicted all along. I hope Ashley has better luck with whoever she picked. It seems like the Bachelorette's have better luck than the Bachelors. I wonder if Emily will go on the Bachelorette now? I bet she will.

    In other news, I have been watching way too much TV lately.  The Bachelorette of course, and I am LOVING Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. It's so inspiring!! Chris Powell is awesome, he specializes in transformations and helping people lose like hundreds of pounds. Plus he's hilarious and he swears. I just love it, it's so emotionally uplifting. I can't wait to be a trainer and help people!
    Speaking of which, I received another certificate in the mail (FINALLY, mail is back!)

    Another step is DONE! I could actually go work in a weight room I think but I'm just going to move onto the next step! In the meantime I'm learning as much as I can about fitness and the human body. Yay!!

    Speaking of healthy things, I am dying to make these:

    I just need to find these type of Popsicle makers. Anyone know where I can get those? I have the skinny ones but I think these would be way better. For the recipe, head on over to my idol Skinnytaste. 

    Oooh, I also really want to make this BLT Macaroni Salad.   

    Maybe this weekend, I will do some cooking! :-)

    More soon!

    Sunday, June 12, 2011

    Guilty Pleasures

    We all have our guilty pleasures, those things that secretly delight us that are kind of embarrassing. Part of the fun of having a blog is getting to say what you think and what you like. For some reason it takes away the fear of being judged. I have no idea how that works but I kinda like it! It's nice to just be me. And my guilty pleasures are a part of me and have been for a loooong time! So here goes:


    Yup. I admit it. I like the soaps. Really just this one. Liking soaps is in my blood. I am actually named after a soap opera. True story. Anyways, my mom and I have watched this off and on for as long as I can remember. I used to watch it when I came home from school instead of after school specials! I had forgotten about it for ages but then when I realised I could PVR soon as I get home that's how I wind down and relax.
    Speaking of the guilty pleasure shows...

    I really cannot help it. This show is SO addicting!! Will possibly post more on this after I have seen Monday's episode!

    Leigh always makes fun of me for buying this magazine, but I love it for several reasons: It's two dollars, there are always good recipes and really interesting natural health tips! Good enough for me!
    Speaking of things Leigh makes fun of me for...

    So unclassy, I know. But there is nothing better to do on a long road trip or softball game! It just makes everything more entertaining.
    And finally my last guilty pleasure...NAPS!!!

    Is that not the cutest kitten picture ever?!! <3

    What are your guilty pleasures?? Come on, you know you wanna admit them!! :-)


    Friday, June 10, 2011

    I Heart Kate Middleton

    Up until late last year, Kate Middleton was not on my radar at all. I knew vaguely who she was and that she was dating Prince William and that was it. Those were the days. Now I'm a little bit obsessed, along with many many others. The girl is now being considered a style icon. Seriously, she even has a style book!

    She always looks flawless: hair, makeup, outfit, shoes, everything! It's crazy! Everytime I see a new picture of her I always think that I love her outfit. Everything she wears is tracked down and sold out within minutes. She just looks so put together. Maybe I love this because I never do, lol! AND she does her own makeup!! Anyways, I thought I'd do a little tribute and see who else is having a Kate crush! 

    A few looks I adore:
    Sundresses in bright colours and wedges..two of my favourite things!

    A few post wedding Princess-ey looks

    I am really loving her classic shoes as well, this nude pump from LK Bennett is super versatile and I need some, stat!

    The wedges she's been sporting lately are also from LK Bennett:

    Kate and Prince William are going on a tour of the US and Canada soon (unfortunately NOT Vancouver, which is just so unfair) and I am dying to see what cute summer dresses she'll be wearing? 

    What do you think of Kate's style?


    Thursday, June 9, 2011

    Summer Love (And where the heck I've been!)

    I have been a bad, bad, blogger.

    I have not blogged for two whole weeks. Here's the deal...I had sort of planned out my entire summer based on my Personal Trainer certification, only to have my dreams slashed by the girl at the BCRPA who pointed to the stacks and stacks of hundreds of packages to go through...I will now have to wait 4-6 weeks to complete the next step.

    I felt very defeated and frustrated for a little while there, but then I realised a few things....first of all, I'm sure they make this process hard so that EVERYONE doesn't become a trainer, it shouldn't be that easy anyways. 2nd, I should not have planned the outcome of what I was doing. I can always control what I do but I can't control the outcome, ie how fast I do it! I also remembered what I'm always preaching to everyone: Everything happens for a reason. It sounds so cliche, but I can already see how having this extra time is benefiting me in the long run. And so...forward march!

    Another reason why I haven't blogged is because I went through a period of feeling like I had nothing to blog about but that spell is over!  A few things to get me back on track:

    This nicer weather in Vancouver has made me pull out my trusty pitcher and whip up some of my favourite summer time not Sangria!! This drink is calorie free!! All you have to do is brew a few bags of this: 
    Then mix it with either homemade lemonade made with Stevia, or if your naughty like me...Crystal Light Lemonade! Soo yummy and refreshing, tastes just like Starbucks. Of course you can use any type of tea, I like to use fruit infused green tea as well, I find with that all you need are some lemon slices and a few packets of Stevia and it tastes great! 

    You know what goes great with this drink? A fab beach read! I randomly discovered this new (to me) author, Kristan Higgins and her books are so fun! Kind of a romance type book, I suppose, since that's the section I found her in but quite funny, good storylines and hilarious characters, definitely worth checking out if you are looking for something to throw in your beach bag!

    I promise I will not wait two weeks to post again! I miss blogging when I do that, I don't know why, it just makes me happy! More soon!