Saturday, August 30, 2014

Bump Love {31 Weeks}

Baby is the Size of a Pineapple!

Due Date: October 26

Gender: Girl!

Maternity Clothes: I picked up a few tops in the states this past weekend, including this amazingly soft one from Target. I also got two dresses for upcoming showers and maternity photos!

Best Moment This Week: This past week was really good, when we were away for our girls trip in the states I had my shirt pulled up so the girls could see my belly move that was a fun moment. Also, the baby is now head down and I was trying to figure out what body part was sticking out of my belly and Leigh put his hand on it to feel. He was like "um that's a foot, she just kicked me!"

Miss Anything? I'm gonna say just not having aches and pains all the time. I've been pretty lucky but lots of random pains now!

Sleep: Actually sleeping a bit better this week and sneaking in some naps.

Movement: She moves around all the time. She kicks off on one side of my belly and bounces to the other but it feels she's running out of room in there!

Cravings: I got soo excited when I saw Chipotle in the states. I always say I don't have cravings but in reality I could seriously eat tacos every day. Not a must have craving, they just always sound good to me.

Aversions: Not really anything, I am just very picky. 

Symptoms: Pretty much the same as last week - Heartburn, tiredness, general feeling of tiny child trying to escape through my belly button. 

Workouts: So much walking in the last week which has actually felt really good! Going to try to keep it up when I can. I notice that my belly gets super tight whenever I'm walking though.

Baby Items Purchased: I did pretty good on my shopping trip, I only bought a few baby hats, tiny little clothes hangers and a headband. Oh and a "Supergirl" onesie. When we first told my older nephew Jackson about the baby, he said if it was a girl it should be named Supergirl so I thought that would be the perfect thing for her to wear when she meets her cousins!

Mood: Pretty excited and relaxed right now. There have been a lot of wondering how things in my life will all work out lately and everything is just coming together. It's been a good reminder to always have faith because things do work out the way they are supposed to.

Loving: This week I'd have to say my preggo body! If you missed my post about this earlier this week, find it here. You better believe I'm going to enjoy this bump of mine the next few weeks, despite how uncomfortable I may be getting!

Looking Forward To
In the next month I have so many exciting things coming up. Baby showers, maternity photos, a weekend getaway...looking forward to it all. I can't believe it's almost September!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Different Type of Progress Photo

Being a trainer and a fitness lover (sometimes hater, lets be real) I see a million gym/selfie shots on Instagram. I totally get it. You love your results. You love your workout pants. You love your new gym shoes. You love that your hair looks awesome today. I've had those moments during my competition phase. I loved them. I forgot what they felt like until today.

Body image is such a hard, hard thing and Leigh and I have talked a lot about making sure that our daughter doesn't develop a negative body image. I want her to know about eating healthy, not dieting. I want her to know about working out, to feel good, not to be "skinny". So I have really tried to look at my body in a positive way. So many women look amazing during pregnancy, it's like they just pop a belly onto their regular skinny bodies and everything else stays the same. I'm definitely not that body type, and in the beginning it was a struggle. But I have embraced this phase in my life.

This morning I got up and put on a bikini. My friend has a pool I've been wanting to go to and I haven't worn a bikini this summer so I thought I'd try it on and see how it looked. To my surprise, I felt nothing but love for my body. This body is not perfect, but it is carrying our future daughter and I love it.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bump Love {30 Weeks}

Baby is the Size of a Cucumber!

Due Date: October 26

Gender: Girl!

Maternity Clothes: One of my friends gave me a huge bag of fall maternity clothes and I am so grateful! I really didn't want to buy more to only wear them for a few months and I plan to do the same and pass all my clothes along!

Best Moment This Week: Having coffee with my friend who gave me maternity clothes and her newborn baby boy. Pretty sure we talked babies and pregnancy the entire time but that's kinda where my head is at these days so it was awesome!

Miss Anything? At this point I don't remember what it's like to NOT be pregnant so I'm gonna go with no. :-P

Sleep is just a cruel joke these days. I loathe the idea of getting into bed because I know I will be way more uncomfortable than I am just sitting on the couch! I find it interesting though, that I am no more tired than normal even though I'm getting no sleep. I am tired but not overly so. I seriously think it's some weird way of getting my body to just learn to rest for short periods aka while baby is asleep!

Movement: A lot of big movements this week. The midwife thinks she is now head down, which is awesome. At the 3D ultrasound less than two weeks ago she wasn't in this position so it explains all the crazy movements! 

Cravings: Nothing really. I'd like to officially note that the food part of pregnancy fun seems to be over, I don't really have cravings and I don't feel like ANYTHING most of the time. It takes me forever to decide what to eat!

Aversions: Beef and chicken. If I smell it while it's cooking it's game over.  

Symptoms: Heartburn, tiredness, general feeling of tiny child trying to escape through my belly button. That's pretty much it.

Workouts: Pretty minimal this week just a bit of walking.

Baby Items Purchased: Nope but I'm going shopping in the states this weekend unsupervised by hubby so who knows what I'll end up buying! Trying to be good though, we don't have a lot of room until our apartment is done!

Mood: Excited and a bit emotional/nervous this week to be honest. Hormones!

Loving: It's pretty darn exciting that the baby could be coming in 9 or so weeks if she's on time. Also, I don't know if this is pregnancy related but I just feel showered with love this week. My clients have brought me Okanagan peaches, smoked salmon and flowers! And other client told me if I go into labour while I'm training her she will drive me to the hospital. I'm so lucky to have these people in my life!

Looking Forward To: Girl time this weekend! We are staying in Birch Bay and shopping all over. I can't wait for time with my girls and to FINALLY go shopping in the states because it has been months!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bump Love {29 Weeks}

Baby is the Size of an Acorn Squash!

Due Date: October 26

Gender: Still a baby girl!

Maternity Clothes: I'm at that annoying stage where I don't want to spend more money on maternity clothes but I am seriously running out of options. When I go to the states with the girls next weekend I'm hoping I will find some good deals to keep me going till I can wear my leggings and jeans again. I was pretty excited that it rained this week so I could wear comfy leggings and rain boots. Although I forgot that my ankle is not healed and it did not feel good when I pulled OFF my rainboots!

Best Moment This Week: Hands down, seeing her face on the ultrasound screen. I always thought those pics were a bit creepy but when it's your own kid they totally grow on you. I can't stop looking at her face. 

Miss Anything? Sleeping well. :-(

Sleep:  I just can't get comfy anymore. I seem to get more comfy with naps  or when Leigh goes to work. It might be something to do with having more room when it's just me in the bed (sorry babe!) so I'll have to make more time for naps I suppose.

Movement: She's not much of a kicker but she's constantly wiggling around. 

Cravings: Not really anything but my friend Hilary made these potatoes with alderwood smoked bacon that were seriously out of this world.

Aversions: Not into beef this week at all. 

Symptoms: Heartburn is top at the list. It hits out of nowhere, usually while I'm in the middle of training clients.

Sometimes I also feel like my belly is so tight like she doesn`t have enough room in there. When she moves in different directions it seriously feels like she`s trying to escape! It can get pretty uncomfortable but usually passes. Other than that, I feel pretty darn good! 

Workouts: After getting so sick of not fun walking, I decided to try a workout on the recumbent bike. What a joke. My legs hit my belly each time I went around on the petals. I finally tried the upright bike and that was actually the best. I'm trying to do a little bit each day but no crazy workouts over here, that's for sure.

Baby Items Purchased: I bought a glider off Craigslist that I plan to recover and I'm so excited about it. I went back and forth with whether I wanted one or not. I knew I didn't want to shell out several hundred dollars so I went with this option. Even though I'm not entirely sure it falls on my "necessity" list, I think it'll be great to have a comfy spot to sit and feed the baby and also use it for nighttime reading when she's a bit older. Also, my in-laws bought us a carseat! Starting to feel real now!

Mood: I still feel incredibly excited that it's coming up so close. I also feel like organizing like crazy, but then I get tired halfway through lol.

Loving: Now that I know where her head is (kinda above my belly button) I can feel that she is constantly changing positions because sometimes her head will be more to the left or to the right or higher or lower. Her arms and legs are on my right side so I can feel them kinda kick around. The best is watching my belly move, before bed I pull up my shirt and just watch for her to do her crazy stunts in there!

Looking Forward To: Being 30 weeks tomorrow! Feels like I'm getting so close although I think time might slow to a crawl soon :-P

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Funny Story Behind Our 3D Scan

On Saturday, Leigh and I booked a last minute appointment for a 3D ultrasound.

Back in the beginning of June, I had my 20 week scan done. I asked the ultrasound tech to not tell me the gender because of the gender reveal party. She gave me an envelope that contained a picture of the baby from the ultrasound with "Baby Girl!!" typed in from her computer. The day before the party I went to the midwife and I asked them not to mention the gender of the baby because of the party. 

About a month later, I went to the midwife for my next appointment, and I brought my Mom with me. We met one of the midwives for the first time and was explaining the party concept to her and my mom showed her a picture of the cut open cake.

She looked at me and said "They told you you were having a girl?"

I said "Yesss....why?"

She then turned the computer screen to me and showed me the ultrasound report. Next to gender, there was an M.

All I can say was in was in total shock and wanted to run out of there down to Medray to find out what was going on. Thank God I brought my mom because she kept me calm the rest of the appointment, even though I couldn't focus. We left the appointment with a printed copy, went to my house to grab the original baby girl photo from it's placed on the fridge.

My Mom made me wait in the car while she went in to the Medray clinic. She came out about 15 minutes later and handed me the baby girl photo. She told me she spoke to the technician who said she just typed in the wrong gender on the report (which was done like an hour after my scan) and she would send a new report over to the midwives right away.

So we were on our merry way, I was relieved that I didn't have to take back all my girl clothes and pink basinette and start over. The whole situation kind of gnawed at me though. After all, this kind of thing has happened in my family before. 6 years ago, we all thought my nephew was a girl and he was a big surprise the night he was born!

Last week, I went back to the midwife for my monthly appointment. It was a different midwife (there are 3 total) and she mentioned she heard what had happened last time about the wrong gender on the ultrasound report. She sits down and says "So have you thought about circumcision?"

I calmly replied "Umm the baby is a girl....I think..."

She was incredulous that they STILL had not sent over a new report despite my mom's visit AND a written request that they had sent asking for a correct report. 

The next few days, I started questioning things. I looked at the report and the times and thought what if this person is wrong? Then on Friday night I dreamt the baby was a boy. I woke up and made an appointment for an ultrasound at 3D Mom and Baby. It's a quick affordable appointment for gender determination (or confirmation in my case) and Leigh was fully on board, so we headed out after I was done work.

The people at the clinic were so nice and helpful, they squeezed us in and totally sympathized with the situation. Within a minute of the ultrasound, the tech said "It's definitely a girl!" and then showed us the baby for a few minutes.

We also got some amazing 4D pictures of her face. I am the first to admit these are a bit creepy, but honestly when it's your own baby's face that you are just dying to meet, it's the best thing in the world. She had her arms and legs up by her face the entire time during the scan but she did give us a few glimpses. She also yawned while in 4D and it was so cute. I love knowing that she has such adorable full lips!

Another funny little part of the story, after the scan we were absolutely starving so we went to Lunch Doctor, which is my fave sandwich place ever. The lady working (I think one of the owners) informed me I'm having a girl, and said she is never, ever, wrong. She said she has even told people they were having one gender, even though their scan said otherwise and she was right. I told her I was very happy she agrees we are having a girl in that case!

The whole thing threw me for a loop a little, but now that it's all sorted out it's kinda funny so I thought I'd share!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bump Love {28 Weeks}

Baby is the Size of An Eggplant!

Due Date: October 26

Gender: Baby girl!

Maternity Clothes: Wardrobe is getting extremely limited, I think I only have a few weeks left of my non-stretchy maxis. I did buy a new tshirt (in above pic) during the Old Navy sale though that I have now been living in.

Best Moment This Week: Lying in bed with Leigh feeling the baby kick is the best. It will never get old.

Miss Anything? Nope, my wish came true this week and the temperature cooled down a tiny bit while still being sunny. Perfect.

Sleep: Not great. No matter how early I get to bed I'm just not falling into that deep sleep. I've been so busy the last few weeks I haven't been napping but it might be time to start sneaking them in.

Movement: So much movement. I still can't figure out exactly what she's doing in there but it's happening a lot! When I go to bed and lay down she moves around for a bit, gets comfy and I think goes to sleep. Let's hope her sleep patterns stay the same when she's born (wishful thinking, I know :-P) I'm curious what her position is because most of the movements are on the right side of my belly. Although I'm pretty sure I felt a foot on the left side of my belly button last night.

Cravings: Broccoli. Seriously.

Aversions: Oddly have been feeling a bit nauseous the past week so some things (mostly meat) have been a no go.

Symptoms: Still just a bit slow but I think that I'm getting used to it. I feel so much pressure on my pelvis when I'm walking or standing. Heartburn still hits right before bed.

Workouts: Why did I ever put this question in my little survey? I am still pretty active but not doing any specific working out this week. Walks are pretty much it right now but I do have a workout planned tomorrow.

Baby Items Purchased: First box of diapers has been purchased! They're so cute and tiny.

Mood: Excited! When I think about meeting her finally I get like Christmas Eve excited!

Loving: My big round bump. I love it so much! Even though I'm excited to be able to wear "normal" clothes again one day I think I'm going to miss my bump when it happens. 

Looking Forward To: My midwife appointment tomorrow. I'm excited to see how the baby is progressing and hear the heartbeat!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sunsets, Macarons and a Long Weekend

Leigh and I weren't exactly ready to party after a long week on Friday night, we had a nap after work. When we got up, I quickly took a bump date picture for the blog. I am going to attempt to move these back into earlier in the week. We went out for a coffee just for something to do but I had to hit the hay pretty early since I had an early client. There was an amazing sunset, so I had to snap a pic. Scrolling through instagram and facebook, I wasn't the only one!

Saturday, after my client I headed to the store for a short shift. After that was done, I stopped by a liquor store to get a bottle of champagne for my friend Jen's surprise party later that night. At the liquor store, despite being 7 months pregnant I got offered a wine sample (I declined) AND I got ID'd. Boo.

The surprise party was held at Jen's dad's house and it was really fun. I got to see Jen's brand new baby, although I didn't quite get to steal him for snuggles as both of his grandma's were there, there was lots of competition. I also got to see her adorable toddler, who's favourite song is apparently Let It Go! What a surprise! :-P There was also some pretty amazing food, which I dug into with no idea what was in it. I used to be such a picky eater I can't believe that I was halfway through my plate when I asked what kind of food it was. Filipino, apparently! It was soo good!

I was so tired after dinner that Leigh and I headed home but sadly I missed a MACARON BIRTHDAY CAKE! I was scrolling through instagram in bed and saw pics of it and fell asleep dreaming of macarons.

Sunday, I woke up and got dressed. Correction, tried to get dressed. While realizing that my wardrobe is now extremely limited. I tried on about 3 different things before putting on the dress I wore to the party the night before. Leigh offered to take me to Morgan Crossing where the H&M maternity section is apparently better. It wasn't, but we had a nice outing. Then we had to run out to Vancouver for an errand. As we were driving I tracked down a place that sells macarons on the way.

We finished off the night at Leigh's flying friend's house, where I met his lovely wife and their adorable kid. We sat by their little fireplace and made s'mores. They also gave me this amazing boysenberry spritzer in a WINE glass. It  was awesome.

Monday Leigh slept in so I got up and headed to the mall to see if I could find anything to stretch my wardrobe a bit. I ended up with a new tshirt but I almost bought this dress, except it was made out of sweatshirt material which would probably kill me in this weather so I passed. I headed back home, put on my new t-shirt and Leigh and I headed out to go anywhere with air conditioning. We ended up at Cactus Club in Park Royal, which is one of my favourite places. After lunch we were so tired so we went home to hide from the heat and kicked back for the rest of the day.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Bump Love {27 Weeks}

Baby is the size of a Rutabaga (whatever that is!)

nighttime bump picture for a change (definitely not because I had a nap and it was kinda dark when I woke up :-P)

Officially in the 3rd Trimester! Well, technically there is not really a set date when it starts but since I will be 28 weeks on Sunday I think I can safely say I'm there!

Due Date: October 26

Gender: Baby girl!

Maternity Clothes: Clothes are stupid.

Best Moment This Week: Finishing the 13 hour ordeal that was the Gestational Diabetes test with an amazing sandwich at Lunch Doctor. Then finding out I do NOT have gestational diabetes. I had no risk factors other than being over 25 but I'm still relieved nonetheless.

Miss Anything? Being fit. It occurred to me today that it feels like I have a completely different body than 6 months ago. It will be so weird to have a baby and not be pregnant and slowly get back to a new version of my old self.

Sleep: It's on and off. Sometimes I have really good nights and sometimes they suck. We were dog sitting my in-laws dog all last week and he'd stolen Layla's bed so Layla has decided our bed is her bed again. She starts at the end and slowly moves up throughout the night until she's in between us. She's too cute for Leigh and I to have the heart to kick her out so we just keep moving her back down.

Movement: She's moving more and more all the time! It feels like she is getting bigger and stronger. I was telling Leigh that it felt like she was body slamming the wall of my stomach. But I love it. Thankfully it doesn't hurt yet!

Cravings: Wedge salad! and I gave into this craving :-)

Aversions: Not feeling meat this week.

Symptoms: I am soooo slow. It's hard to get up from the couch or bed. Still heartburn hits super randomly, I'm now carrying Tums with me all the time.

Workouts: Oh right, I meant to do that this week. I can tell it's going to take a huge effort to stay active at this point on. It's just not enjoyable anymore but I'm going to keep trying!

Baby Items Purchased: Yes, and I'm so excited about it! I had my eye on one of those baby canopy floaty things for next summer (and I may have already started planning our first family vacation next summer) and when one went on the clearance aisle at Shoppers, I couldn't resist. Cannot wait to put her in her swimsuit and take her to the pool next year! I hope she's a water baby like me! I would also like to note that I have been resisting all of the amazing girl clothes Joe Fresh has at Superstore but I still take pics of everything that's too cute for words. See below.

Mood: I feel a lot more relaxed this week, due to several factors. Schedule is a bit lighter this week and I feel like I'm finally getting things organized.

Loving: Being in (or almost being in) the third trimester! Home stretch!! I also had lots of fun playing with strollers at Babies R Us the other day. I have decided on a lightweight stroller for walks/store/getting in and out of apartment if baby is sleeping so I decided to go check it out and I love it!

Looking Forward To: There is so much I'm looking forward to right now that it feels like I am not staying in the moment. I feel like this last little bit of pregnancy will be over before I know it so I want to enjoy it. But I'm so excited for the next 6 months I'll just say that. :-P