Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Outdoor Movie Night

I am quite pleased to say that I accomplished one of my preggo summer bucket list items and it was so much fun. My in-laws are away on vacation right now and they have an awesome patio with twinkly lights that overlooks a lot of Coquitlam. I knew it would be the perfect setting for an outdoor movie night! I planned it with the girls ahead of time and of course, it rained all morning. It seemed like it was going to let up and be nice so I got everything ready anyways except for the heavy lifting ie our TV that needed to be put on the patio. I came home from work to everything all set up thanks to my sweet hubby.

It was a little late for dinner so I made some smores because it seemed to go with an outdoor movie night. I was also delighted that one of my friends brought me THREE avacados after I posted I had a guacamole craving so I finally got to have some! We ended up watching Bridesmaids which is now a girl movie classic in my opinion. Such a fun night, I highly recommend getting creative and setting up a tv outside!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bump Love {26 Weeks}

Baby is the Size of a Head of Lettuce!

Let's not discuss my random outfit or the fact that my jacket pretty much hides my bump. 

Due Date: October 26

Gender: Baby girl!

Maternity Clothes: Maxi dresses and workout tights. And Leigh's sweatpants when I get home. I think of this whenever I put them on.

Best Moment This Week:Two of my besties got to feel the baby kick this week while we were watching a movie. They also got a shocking glimpse of my bare belly while I was getting s'mores crumbs out from under my shirt, their expressions were priceless haha!

Miss Anything? Wine.

Sleep: Getting a bit harder to get comfortable, especially with the back pain I've been having. I was so busy this week I didn't have time for any naps, which made me way more tired than normal.

Movement: She moves non stop! Most of the movement I feel on my right side which makes me think her bum is on my left and arms and legs are on the right.

Cravings: Had a huge guacamole craving after having a long, tiring, stressful day. Went to the grocery store and they had like 400 unripe avacodos and 2 rotten ones. Cried a little on the inside. Thankfully one of my girls brought me some for our movie night, so I finally got my guacamole.

Aversions: Had a bit of a ground beef moment this week. But then I had tacos and got over it.

Symptoms: Back pain, heartburn, fatigue. I also had a midwife appointment this and apparently my placenta is currently low-lying. Most of the time it moves out of the way closer to the end of pregnancy but if it doesn't a c-section would be on the table. I've decided not to stress about this, whatever happens, happens!

Workouts: Still a little bit of strength training maybe a bit more walking because we're dog sitting my in-laws dog and taking them lots of places.

Baby Items Purchased: Nothing new this week, although I did find this amazing way to do a baby registry. It's called Baby List and you can add things from any store. If you want to buy something from the list, you just hit reserve and you can buy it whenever you want (ie wherever it's the cheapest)which is awesome. I think baby registries are super handy but the stores you can register at usually overprice everything so I'm glad someone finally came up with this!

Mood: A bit tired this week!

Loving: Just relaxing at home with Leigh this week. I've been making dinner, then we take the dogs out and just cuddle up on the couch with movies/shows. 

Looking Forward To:I just booked an ultrasound for 32 weeks at my midwife's request. It's weird because it's not that far away from now and not that far away from my due date which makes me feel like it's going to be here before I know it!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Bump Love {25 Weeks}

Pic taken by my sis who was my date for my friend Sarah's wedding since Leigh was sick.

Baby is the size of a Cauliflower!

Due Date: October 26

Gender: Baby girl!

Maternity Clothes: Everything except maxi dresses suck. I've been wearing my blue floral maxi literally all week.

Best Moment This Week: The other morning, I spent some time with my Mom and she bought baby girl a bathing suit for next year! And some cute dresses. She also got to feel her kick for the first time!

Miss Anything? Leigh and I went to our storage unit and I found a box of summer clothes. I hilariously thought maybe one or two of my stretchier dresses would fit. They did but they look ridiculous. So yes, I miss my dresses.

Sleep: Sleep is on and off. This week was so hot I didn't sleep that great. I actually forgot to turn on my sleep app for a few nights and then remembered last night and slept amazing. Must not forget!

Movement: Moving tons this week!

Cravings: Wedge salads. And I must note that my mom made me lasagna rolls aka my last week's craving!

Aversions: A lot of stuff is just meh this week, especially with the heat I don't have much of an appetite.

Symptoms: So. much. heartburn.

Workouts: A bit of strength training. My ankle is still hurting but I've managed to find some exercises that don't hurt or put pressure on my ankle. Feels good to do a little bit at least.

Baby Items Purchased: Other than what my mom bought, I did buy one thing this week. I found a freaking adorable warm winter onesie in the clearance section at Superstore. Couldn't resist for 4 dollars.

Mood: A mix of happy, tired, and stresscase :-P

Loving: The fact that the weather has cooled down a bit. Pregnancy + working in a non air conditioned gym = non happy camper. This weather is perfect.

Looking Forward To: I have a midwife appointment on Tuesday so those are always interesting and I'll get to hear the baby's heartbeat! There are so many fun things to look forward to over the next several months!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Bucket List (Preggo Version)

I debated even making a list like this because summer is a little different during pregnancy. Normally summer to me means living in sundresses and bathing suits and that doesn't appear to be happening this year! ;-) I am still enjoying it but I'm enjoying it in a do-nothing sort of way. However, I still have some fun things planned:
**Go to the flying field with Leigh. It's way more fun that it sounds, because we usually take a cooler with drinks and snacks, our reclining chairs, a canopy and of course my Kobo. Sometimes we bring Layla but it gets pretty hot for her. This is one of my top favourite activities in the summer. It's so quiet and relaxing and Leigh and I both get to do our favourite things.
**Take Layla swimming. She hasn't really gone in a lake or anything, just a river.
**Have an outdoor movie night.
**Go shopping in the states (I have been putting off my passport renewal for months)
**Go on our annual girls trip. (So far these last two) are probably going to occur in the same weekend.
**Bring treats to Leigh's work
**Have a picnic in the park.
**Go to the zoo. (Seriously been wanting to do this forever.)
**Read a zillion books
**Go to the drive-in. I can never talk Leigh into this but I'm still gonna try!
**Paint something (more on this later)
**Do some DIY projects I have planned for the baby/apartment.
**Go to a food truck festival. I feel like this is the best pregnant activity ever.
**Ditto for PNE. Sno-cone? Yes please.
**Hoping to get in a visit to our favourite little US town, Enumclaw to visit Leigh's uncle.

One giant item on my summer bucket list is getting organized for the baby. I have been sorting my own clothes, paperwork, getting rid of clutter, you name it. I just want to be able to focus on the baby when she comes so I'm trying to simplify life as much as possible. So far, I'm kinda kicking ass at it, not to brag but I've been checking tons of items off my to do list. Yay, me! And thank you for nesting randomly kicking in because that is what makes checking items off my list possible!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bump Love {24 Weeks}

Baby is the Size of A Cantaloupe!

Due Date: October 26

Gender: Baby girl!

Maternity Clothes: They're pretty full force now. Even my non-maternity workout capris are getting uncomfortable. I'm actually surprised I made it this far!

Best Moment This Week: This was kinda silly, but I can tell already Leigh is going to be a protective Dad. I told him we can put a flashlight to my belly and the baby might move around and he was like "Don't do that! Let her sleep!" So cute.

Miss Anything? Seems slightly wrong to go an entire summer without wine or sangria. Just saying.

Sleep: Sleeping pretty good. Trying to go to bed a little earlier, that seems to help. Also I can't remember if I mentioned this before but I downloaded a white noise app and play the "heavy rainfall" all night and I think it makes a huge difference.

Movement: Definitely moving lots, although one day felt like she only had little movements and yesterday it felt like she was having a party in there, it was non-stop all day.

Cravings: When it got cold and rainy last weekend I was really craving my lasagna rolls but I'm too lazy to make them. Plus it's hot again.

Aversions: Nothing really specific.

Symptoms: Round ligament pain, lower back pain, sore feet, a bit of heartburn.

Workouts: I've been still taking it easy on my poor feet but working on upper body exercises. Need to have strong arms to hold the baby for hours!

Baby Items Purchased: Having an injured foot really does wonders for saving money, I haven't set foot in Target in two weeks. :-P Starting to set up my registry though!

Mood: Ha. Mostly happy with occasional moments of desperately wanting my own private island.

Loving: Getting further along in my pregnancy. I actually look full on pregnant now so people are asking me when I'm due and things like that. I can't believe how fast it's moving along now!

Looking Forward To: Finally made some summer plans with the girls, so I'm excited about that. I'm also seriously thinking about buying a kiddie pool to sit and read books in. 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Bump Love: {23 Weeks}

Baby is the Size of A Grapefruit!

Due Date: October 26

Gender: GIRL!!

Maternity Clothes: Actually treated myself to some new clothes this week. Thyme Maternity was having a crazy good sale that was too awesome to pass up. Sweater in above photo: $7. See what I mean?!

Best Moment This Week: Whenever the baby kicks hard, I always say "Whoa" to myself exactly in Joey from Blossom style. The other night, the baby kicked me crazy hard right next to my belly button while I was laying in bed. I quickly grabbed Leigh's hand in case she did it again and she did, right away and he went "Whoa!" Made me laugh!

Miss Anything? Yes. Being able to prance around feeling light as a feather. Instead of a bull in a china shop.

Sleep: Sleeping better, really deep but back pain is still making it hard for me to get comfortable. Thank goodness for naps.

Movement: Tons.

Cravings: Judge all you want, but had to give in to my Coke float craving this week!

Aversions: Nothing really. Eating more chicken lately, woo hoo!

Symptoms: Not really any new ones, but this week was really physically hard, due to spraining my ankle. I couldn't move around without crutches or hopping for a few days, so I basically didn't move except to go to the bathroom and then I had to crawl. Now that I'm back on my feet somewhat, I am feeling a bit better but still aches and pains and tiredness all over.

Workouts: Oddly enough even though I was injured I did get some upper body workouts in. I was going so crazy with not moving I thought I might as well do something!

Baby Items Purchased: Nothing new this week for the baby.

Mood: Still over the moon about having a daughter but to be honest I have felt pretty blah this week due to being injured.

Loving: Pinning all the things. Including Christmas baby stuff, since she'll be here just as the holiday season is starting to kick off.

Looking Forward To: My foot healing! Also I have some fun DIY projects I'm going to start soon which of course I'll be posting about!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

How I Learned How to Curl My Hair!

As most of you probably know, my sister is a hairdresser, which means whenever I have an event I go see her and she'll make me pretty and curl my hair. Curling my hair is something I've always wanted to know how to do myself, but the times I've tried it's never looked right or even presentable sometimes.

I love being pregnant, but it does kind of limit how good you can look.  You're not going to look fit in anything, so that's out the window.  You can attempt to put on a cute outfit but even then you end up wearing the same few outfits all the time. I put more effort into my makeup since I'm pregnant, but I thought it would be the perfect time to FINALLY learn how to curl my hair so I could vary my look a little and at least look good from the neck up. Or maybe boobs up. Anyways...

The first thing I did was take my curling iron that I've had for years (and used like three times) to my husband and ask him to remove the clamp, turning into a curling wand. I've heard these are a little bit easier for amateurs to use so I thought I'd give it a shot. If you have a functioning non pregnant brain and a screwdriver, you can probably do this yourself, or you can buy a curling wand from Target.

Then I asked the internet why my hair always looks like crap when I curl it. This is what I discovered I was doing wrong:

1: After washing your hair (which I only do right before bed), don't just pass out with it still wet. Blow dry it out nicely so it's all smooth. This will result in a much smoother less frizzy base to start with.

2. Point the curling iron DOWN. For some reason it never occurred to me that it mattered which way you point the curling iron.  The one thing I DID know about curling hair is you generally want to curl it away from your face unless you want a Shirley Temple look.

3. This is the biggest, most helpful tip EVER and why my hair always looked so bad when I curled it. When you wrap a section of hair around the curling iron, do not twist it at all, make sure it's smooth and FLAT against the curling iron! It actually makes a perfect curl!

The best part is, the day after my hair is curly, I can put it up in a ponytail, and use my fingers to kind of twirl the curls all together to make a cute curly ponytail which is perfect for work!

I can't wait to play around with it more and see what else I can do. Next up, beach curls!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Life Lately

The past few days have been pretty interesting, here's a little weekend recap:

On Friday, it was one of our friend's 30th birthday (Happy Birthday, Krys!) and she was having a gathering at a restaurant that used to be a bar that we all went to when we were 19. It was so weird being there almost 30 and pregnant! I think the last time I was there was about 7 years ago. I actually honestly thought it was just a restaurant now, but apparently it is actually still a bar, so thankfully we got out of there before the party started. The food was actually really good though!

Saturday, I had clients and worked at the store. I had been feeling crappy all week and having pretty bad back pain so I actually ended up meeting my midwife at the hospital so she could do some tests. Turns out everything is fine but I'm might still be a bit of a hypochondriac. I'm not going to apologize for it because it's better safe than sorry when it comes to carrying another human being! It was kind of like a mini hospital tour though, we got to see what the rooms looked like and Leigh got to hear another woman describe her labour signs in the next room over :-P

Sunday I ended up hanging out with Nicky for a few hours, we went for lunch at Browns and ran errands together at Walmart and Costco! I also decided to take some time to organize our bedroom a little. We have our bassinet and don't really have anywhere else besides our bedroom to keep it until the baby comes, so I've just parked it in our bedroom because that's where it will be anyways until we move into our new apartment. It's a little weird having it in there!

Sunday night I had another little adventure, while going into shoppers to buy ingredients for Coke floats (my only craving lately) I somehow stepped on a crack and my ankle completely went sideways. I literally screamed, it hurt so bad (again, preparing me for labour?) but after a few minutes I knew it wasn't broken. I went home, literally crawled to the couch and propped it up with ice. And Leigh went back to the store for some Tylenol for me and of course, Coke float ingredients. I checked in with the doctor the next day, and thankfully it was just a bad sprain.

I'm going going to lie, the past few days have sucked and made me realise how much I take being able to move around for granted. I did have crutches for a few days but they were so hard to use so I honestly just kinda crawled around. Pregnant = crawling to bathroom a zillion times a day. Thankfully I can put a little weight down on my foot for short periods so I'm sure I'll be fine in no time.

That's pretty much it for life lately! Kinda hoping the next little while is a little less action packed.

One more fun photo, the bump is really starting to get big! I remember looking at my first bump photo and being shocked that I actually had one! It's getting bigger every day!