Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One Year

I was sitting at the computer, reading through my favourite blogs and I realised something...A quick check to my first post and is my 1st Anniversary of my Blog! 

One year ago today I introduced myself here...

and wrote my first real post. Subject: Fall Decor!

Yay me!! It's so rare that I actually like something enough to continue with it and I LOVE blogging!

Thank you to everyone who's read my blog! 


Monday, September 26, 2011

Kelly Kapowski's stagette

If your on my Facebook you've probably already seen these photos, but there's a story to go along with it. My sister has always loved 80s dressing up, whether she was going to a themed party or not. She has her own unique style and she knows how to pull it off. So I knew her theme and outfit for her stagette had to be pretty special.

80s stagettes have been pretty popular lately so I decided to add a new twist: Saved by the Bell! If you don't know what that is, you were not a child of the nineties lol. At least not one with cable. Saved by the Bell was an afterschool show. It wasn't particular funny at the time, but looking back at it, it's pretty hilarious. I could probably do 5 posts on Saved by the Bell. Anyways, my original idea was to dress up Jenn like Kelly Kapowski on her wedding day to Zack Morris. However, her actual wedding dress from when they went to Vegas to get married was hideous and not in a good way.I did some research on an alternate outfit and the end result was this:
Kinda hard to see but the sash said Mrs. Zack Morris

She looked awesome! To tie the Saved By the Bell theme in, I also brought my dvds to play during the mini shower we held in the hotel suite. We had lots of munchies, probably too much. I was so full!

My mom, Jenn, and her mother in law Dora

 Mom, Jenn and I
 Then it was time for a special cake made by Jenn's friend Jaime (she's amazing!):

It says Enjoy The Ride Jenn :-P

After that we started to get ready to go out to a club. My mom snapped this pic before we left the hotel of all us girls. I loved the outfits the girls put together.

One last picture of my sis and I with her maid of honour (I'm the Matron lol)

Yay!! It was such a fun night. The club we  went to played awesome dance music, it felt like we didn't leave the dance floor for hours!

Next up, the shower! And soon the wedding, so exciting that my baby sister is getting married!!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pumpkin time is almost here!

Hi everyone! Sorry I have been a very bad blogger! I've been super busy lately but I'm sure I'll be back to it in no time. I need to do a post about my sister's awesome stagette so I'll do that soon. I am super excited that the weather has cooled down a bit. I do love summer but I love crisp cool fall days. I am waiting until it's officially fall to dig into my pumpkin stuff, but I thought I'd share something awesome with you guys.

One of my favourite cooking websites, Skinnytaste, has some AMAZING pumpkin recipes that I can't wait to try. Pumpkin is so yummy and has tons of nutrients. I have really only made pumpkin pie and pumpkin protein shakes but I want to try more recipes! I saw this little button on Skinnytaste that puts all of the skinny pumpkin recipes in one place!

So awesome! I need to get some cans of pumpkin stat! I will post my results once I get myself organized. I have about a billion recipes to try on Pinterest as well! I tried a super easy potato bacon soup today it was amazing, need to do a post about that soon too!

Are you planning on anything pumpkin related soon?


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our Anniversary Photos!

A few weeks ago, Leigh and I got together with the amazing Carol-Ann for a vintage style photoshoot to celebrate our anniversary. Here are some of my faves:

A little nod to HIMYM :)
 Thank you Carol-Ann for doing such an amazing job yet again!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

What I'm Loving

Happy Labour Day everyone!

I finally had a few days off this weekend and it was fantastic! Sleeping in, states shopping, lots of time with hubby and family, it's been awesome! Sadly, it's coming to and end because today, I work. So lame. Should that even be legal? I really can't complain because it's a cush job where I read and make protein shakes.
Some things I'm LOVING right now:

The new flavour of Wrigley's Dessert gum:

Seriously tastes exactly like apple pie!! So yummy. I also love the Mint Chocolate Chip one.

Wicked sales! I got jeans from American Eagle at 40 percent off. The entire store is 40 percent off right now. It might be for the entire weekend, so go check it out. These are the most amazing fitting jeans ever! Please note I have a few more curves than this skinny model hehe!

My new favourite author:

I have read every single one of her books this summer. I just finished the only one I had left called "One of the Guys" and it was so good. I'm so sad, her next one doesn't come out until October! Her books are sort of romantic comedies, I really love her characters and stories!

And the last thing I'm loving - this amazing uplifting song! It's called The High Life by Kelley James:


Friday, September 2, 2011

Girlfriends & Wilson Phillips

I have been so busy this past week but I was so happy to get to spend some long awaited time with my girlfriends. On Tuesday, Jen and went to go see the Help.

We both read it in our book club last year and of course everyone has read it now. Even my Grandma is reading it, which is so awesome! The movie was actually amazing. I never expect it to be the same as the book because that's impossible. One is a book and one is a movie. They're not going to be the same. But in my opinion, they did a great job. It was definitely a laugh, cry, and get angry movie.

Last night, I went to the PNE with two of my other girlfriends. It's sort of our yearly tradition. We didn't bring any cameras this year because it's one of those things that needs to just be experienced. We sampled some seriously yummy food that made me glad PNE is only here for two weeks. We watched Superdogs, which is adorable dogs doing tricks. The main reason we went is to go see Wilson Phillips.

When Jeannine originally asked us if we wanted to go, I have to confess I had no idea who Wilson Phillips was. I was a book child, not a music child lol. Then Jeannine said "Remember the song at the end of Bridesmaids??!" and then I remembered. I didn't grow up listening to them that I know of, but once they were singing I recognized quite a few songs. They didn't play Hold On (the Bridesmaids song) until the encore and people just went insane. It's awesome that their cameo in the movie got them popular again!

Here is the song in case you don't remember it:


I really wish I had my camera because there was a lone guy dancing wearing an ankle bracelet that looked mandatory and it was pretty hilarious. He was nowhere near us, just in our view, but he was wearing khaki shorts that were quite short for a guy and one of us commented on how short they were. As if on cue, he ROLLS THEM UP. Seriously. What guy have you ever seen roll up his shorts to Daisy Duke height? So bizzare. And hilarious.

Also awesome: The guy who sang the Saved by the Bell theme song is part of Wilson Phillips band apparently. He sung it for us! It was so awesome. My life is now complete.

The best part of the whole time was spending time with my girlfriends. Love you girls!! <3


Thursday, September 1, 2011

September is here...but fall isn't yet!

I sort of love this time of year. Even though it's the end of summer and I don't really feel like I had a summer because I was in school so many weekends, I am always a little excited about fall. However, summer isn't over yet people! We still have 3 more weeks which is plenty of time to enjoy that last bit of summer.

How I plan to do that:

Hitting up the PNE once or twice.

Finally making that pitcher of sangria I have been dreaming about all summer.

Lying in the sun reading summery books on my Kobo while simultaneously topping up my tan.

Having one last BBQ with my friends.

Enjoying some watermelon and pineapple. While it's still cheap.

Having a picnic with my hubby. How to lure your husband to a picnic, you ask? With really, really amazing food. And ice cold Coca-Colas if I really want to seal the deal.

It doesn't really matter what you do in the last few weeks of summer, as long as it's something fun so that when fall comes, you can smile and say: I had a great summer.