Monday, April 10, 2017

Little White House High Tea

photo from Little White House 

When our friends invited us for a tea party at Little White House, we definitely did not hesitate to say YES! I've always wanted to go to a tea service and the Little White House is the CUTEST. Also, they have the most amazing macarons there. Sadly it rained on Saturday but that didn't stop us from wearing spring dresses!

I know I haven't posted in forever but I just had to post about this. I told Arianna we were going to a tea party and she talked non-stop about it for a week. On the way there, she was saying "We're going to a tea party, we're going to have cookies, we're going to have tea, mom's going to have a coffee (LOL) and Avery is my friend and she's going to give me a hug!"

It was a little tricky because Arianna has been skipping her naps lately and this was basically right at her nap time, but she did pretty well considering. The tea was one of my best friend's family members and the thoughtful organizer brought colouring for the girls! It was just Arianna and Avery so they coloured and when that ran out I pulled out trusty Moana songs on my phone haha!

I ended up not even doing the tea service because I was starving and their lunch menu looked amazing. So I just ordered the soup and sandwich and ordered some little cookies and macarons off the menu. they also had rose champagne as an option for the tea! I was really excited for Arianna to try macarons and she did not disappoint me! She took a bite out of one and you can tell by her face she loved it. I took a bite out of the other one and she grabbed it out of my hand and took a bite of of that too!

It's so fun after a winter of rain and snow to get out and do something different! Even though going somewhere with toddlers is always a gamble, it usually pays off in wonderful memories. And adorable pictures to show her in the future!