Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Someday I Will

Someday I will actually pick a place off my travel board on Pinterest and book a trip there. Whenever Leigh and I talk about taking a trip, I can never decide where to go so I just don't book anything. Preposterous. 

Someday I will have frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity in New York with my mom.

Someday I will be as domestic as I want to be. My house will be clean and organized, I will definitely know where my ten pairs of work capris are at all times, and when I locate them in their proper place, I will NOT have to scramble for a lint roller to get all the Layla hair off them.

Someday I will have a shopping spree that resembles a montage from a chick flick. 

Someday I will learn to accept relationships for what they are and not what I wish they would be.

Someday I will learn how to get my wardrobe to look like my Style board on Pinterest.

Someday I will finish all those genius DIY projects that I couldn't live without, aka the old file cabinet with one coat of Tiffany blue paint sitting on my deck.

Someday I will not be a zombie in the mornings. I don't know how, because at the present moment it takes me forever to wake up and be energized. I suspect that this will involve moving my Keurig to my nightstand.

Someday I will have my very own house with Leigh. This is solely so that I can be the female version of Clark Griswold.

Someday I will learn how to apply makeup that makes me look like a professional did it, preferable without endangering myself and others. Currently my eyeballs hate me and I suspect my haphazard makeup skills are to blame.

Someday I will own a sparkly dress.

Someday I will learn to stay in the moment and enjoy life as it comes and not worry about the next thing that's coming after the moment is over.

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Best Birthday Ever

Yesterday was my birthday in case you missed this post, and I had the best day. I slept in, naturally, and Leigh and I dropped off Layla at his parent's house for some play time while we went for lunch. We picked up my Grandma and went to White Spot, where my mom and nephews met us. It was so nice to spend time with all of them. My brother and his wife were away for the night so they facetimed us at lunch, so that was fun. I also got a really nice gift from my Mom and Dad but I will post about my presents tomorrow because I need to take pics!

After that, we took my Grandma back home and went to the Queensboro outlets, where I got 2 dresses for 8 dollars each. We also stopped off and picked up the shoes that Leigh ordered me for my birthday. Well, I ordered them, he paid :-P
Then, we went and picked up Layla at Leigh's parents and while there I got spoiled even more by Leigh's family! Then I had a quick nap under Julie's "magic" blanket. It's this heavy knitted blanket that makes me fall asleep pretty much immediately and have the best naps ever.
We went home and got ready for a dinner with friends at a new restaurant called Orrange in Port Coquitlam.

birthday princess dress!

Jenn and Andrei

Leigh takes menu reading very seriously


Hunter Boot socks from Hilary Poo

My sister got me some hair goodies including a brush lol

all the girls!


Cake Time!

Leigh got me this amazing Red Velvet cake from his co-worker's wife, it was soo yummy!

PS this is why you never let anyone take pics of you while sitting down haha!
All in all, it was an amazing birthday with so many of my favourite people and I am a very lucky girl! I feel so loved and I am kicking off my 29th year with a happy heart!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Birthday Eve Favourites

Today was my birthday eve. You didn't know that was a thing? It totally is. To be honest, I've been celebrating my birthday all week, and you know what? It feels pretty amazing to just be nice to myself for a week. This week I slept well, took it easier than usual, didn't overbook myself and got a few birthday treats.

My favourites this week:

*I got a party dress that makes me feel like a birthday princess. Life is complete.

*I made this little festive mason jar and got some stripey paper straws. Straws make everything feel festive. Even water.

*I ordered something I've wanted for a long time, an Erin Condren personalised planner. It was supposed to take like ten days to ship, and then the very next day I got an email saying it shipped already! I should be getting it any day now. PS if you have been eyeing these yourself, click this link to sign up for an account on the site and then we both get ten dollars off! The only downside to this site is you can't ship directly to Canada unless you want to pay $40 (?!) so ship it to a US address like I've done or order it from this site, which ships to Canada for cheap. I will naturally be doing a full post on it when I receive it.

*While I was in the states last weekend, I finished reading Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy. I highly recommend it, it was so fun to see Bridget as a mom, despite the sad circumstances. It's very rare that a book actually makes me laugh out loud, but this one did!

*I am honestly so at peace with myself and my life at this moment in my life. Nothing is perfect, but it's perfect in it's own little way. I am enjoying where I'm at and how far I've come, and I also can't wait to see what the future holds. I'm constantly learning new things about myself and learning how to handle what life throws at me. I am so grateful for the people in my life, Leigh, my parents, my in laws, all my family and friends, and my awesome clients. I have so many good people in my life. Not to mention my super-bff, my dog.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pumpkin Madness: US Edition

Julie and I at the Pumpkin Patch
Like the rest of the continent, I have been spending a lot of time at pumpkin patches. Not only do I occasionally help out at my local pumpkin patch when it gets crazy busy, I visited TWO in the US when we were down on the weekend. Leigh, my mother-in-law and I visited Leigh's uncle in Washington state for the weekend which was so nice and relaxing. 

Here's some photos of the first pumpkin patch:

cute decor

goats staying warm

miniature donkey

beautiful pumpkins!

These photos are from the second pumpkin patch we visited. 

I have no idea what he was doing up there or HOW he got up there but it was pretty adorable.

baby cows have the prettiest eyelashes!

I also did a little bit of shopping in the US, I know, weird right? I got pumpkin spice k-cups for my keurig coffee maker (can't get them here) and also a few cute tops/sweaters at Marshalls, which is one of the best stores ever. My other favourite store, aka the Mother Ship, Hobby Lobby was a highlight. I didn't even take pics in the store which I totally meant to. If you live in Canada, it's basically like a GIANT Michaels. I wanted to buy everything, but I didn't, I just bought some super cute wrapping paper and gift tags and a mug I am hiding from myself until Christmastime. I also got some new makeup, including this palette from NYX.

 I opened it and I was like umm now what goes where? Haha, I definitely need some makeup lessons!

Monday, October 21, 2013

That Time I Dressed Up/Thanksgiving Weekend

Last weekend was Thanksgiving and I was away this weekend that just past. Last week I got very behind on posting. I blame the turkey, I know they say turkey makes you sleepy but I felt like it took days to wear off!  Thank God for caramel apple flavoured coffee which I've been enjoying daily lately.

A favourite blogger of mine posted about actually getting dressed up and posting outfits on Instagram. I've been looking for a good excuse to dress up so I actually did THREE times over the weekend. I actually felt so good with my hair and makeup done and cute outfit on.

I don't know how these fashion bloggers do it, it took a lot of effort just to look decent and THEN convince someone to take my picture. Anyways, here are my outfits!

I also got dressed up in one of my favourite outfits for a fundraiser but I forgot to take an outfit pic. I did take one pic with these lovely ladies though!

We spent thanksgiving at my sister's house. Naturally I did nothing in the kitchen department, I was going to bake pumpkin pie but I ended up flaking out and buying them. Too much pressure. I did, however, use it as an excuse to dress up in one of my favourite outfits! I should have taken pictures of everyone for Thanksgiving but it was just such a nice evening with family I just enjoyed it!

My mom and sister managed to make everything look super festive in between cooking a turkey and a whole bunch of other stuff. Side note, I am now completely in love with brussel sprouts. I know, I'm weird.

Also over last weekend, I made this spinach dip which is supposed to be a copycat recipe of Earl's Restaurant Spinach Dip. Leigh and I enjoyed it while we had a little movie night at home. It was definitely good, but not quite the same. Have to work on that. 
Lastly, I will leave you with a pic of the lil face that melts my heart.

More tomorrow, since I have tons to post about!