Friday, June 27, 2014

Bump Love {22 Weeks}

Baby is the Size of A Papaya!

Due Date: October 26

Gender: GIRL!!

Maternity Clothes: Still living in workout pants, my maternity jeans and dresses. When at home I put PJs on, pretty much only Leigh's PJS are comfy enough to wear though lol!

Best Moment This Week: Definitely the moment of cutting into our cake and seeing pink! And the amazing bear hug from my husband that happened immediately after. He also got to feel her kick for the first time!

Miss Anything? Good sleep :(

Sleep: See above! My body does NOT like sleeping on my side. I've got pillows tucked under everything but I wake up on my back with everything moved over and then I worry about how long I've been on my back!

Movement: Lots of kicks!!

Cravings: Pineapple!!!

Aversions: Doing pretty good this week with food in general.

Symptoms: More tired than normal this week. I've had rib pain and lower back pain on my left side and my feet are killing me with standing all day.

Workouts: A little walking but not much. All I want to do when I'm done work is get off my poor feet!

Baby Items Purchased: My well behaved streak is officially over. I didn't go too crazy but I did buy a bunch of things at Target, a few onesies and pants, baby hats, 2 sleepers and a little peplum top. Only came to like $40 but my mother in law bought a bunch of stuff for the little lady too. One of my best friend's J and I also hit up the Carters outlet and got a few things, including baby headbands and a plush mermaid doll. I also got this amazing bassinet from my parents! I found it on this Facebook group selling for half the price!

Mood: So happy!

Loving: Knowing that our baby is going to be a girl! I can't stop smiling. Or pinning stuff.

Looking Forward To: Everything! I'm just so excited for the rest of my pregnancy and everything that will happen once the baby is here! We have so much to look forward to in the next year, I just want to soak it all up.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our Gender Reveal Party

Seriously the best weekend!

When my sister generously offered to throw us a gender reveal party, I knew I had to say yes. I had been so looking forward to it for months and it did not disappoint. What a fun way to find out who will be joining your family! We had such an amazing spread of food brought by all our friends and family. The people in my life are so awesome, they brought all my favourite things!

Jenn had her place decorated so cute in pink and green. Once everyone had arrived and had a bite to eat, a few people started to get a bit antsy about when we were going to cut the cake. I hadn't been thinking about it since the start of the party so when I did start thinking about it I pretty much had to do it right away. I think Leigh was really anxious to find out too.

My sister had a boy banner and a girl banner and everyone had to sign their name to what they thought it was. I put Leigh's name on the girls side at his request (he was comfy on the couch) but I waited until the very last minute to put mine on. I finally put my name on the girls side right before we cut the cake. The girl side was already winning before I put my name on.

Our cake was made by my extremely talented friend Justine! Isn't it so gorgeous?!!

I got Leigh to cut the cake so I could watch the piece fall away and see what our baby was. I saw pink right away, looked at him, and promptly burst into the most ugly (but so happy) cry face ever.

 I buried my face in his chest until I felt my facial expression return to normal.

Honestly, the majority of my pregnancy I have been feeling like it would be a girl. I could not stop looking at girl clothes, pinning girly things on Pinterest, and generally just thinking of the baby as a girl. It got so bad I started to convince myself it was a boy so I wouldn't be too shocked if it was. I have two nephews so I know how much fun boys could be but I couldn't picture having one. Having a little girl is a dream come true.

After we cut the cake, I was immediately handed a present from my mom and sis with adorable baby clothes. I also got an amazing onesie from Nicky. I had seen it in Target and almost bought it, little did I know that she had already bought it for me without knowing for sure that I was having a girl.

My sis captured it on video, so here it is:

I haven't been able to stop smiling since the party and to top it all off, a crazy generous friend of ours showed up at our house on Sunday morning with a ridiculously comfy perfect condition couch for us (we desperately needed one and are waiting to buy furniture until we move into our place) AND this amazing stroller! Both things are barely even used. It just amazes me how awesome the people I have in my life are! Our little family is so lucky.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Baby Evans Is A....


Friday, June 20, 2014

Bump Love {21 Weeks}

Baby is the Size of A Pomegranate!

Due Date: October 26

Maternity clothes? Scored some non-maternity long tanks from Target that have been a lifesafer, so soft and comfy and perfect under too short shirts. Two of my best friends came shopping with me on Sunday to help me find something to wear for the party this Saturday and got a glimpse of the dire fashion situation. Thankfully they helped me find a gorgeous (non-maternity) maxi that I will probably live in all summer. Side note: I had never owned a maxi dress before I got pregnant and now I have like 5, plus a few I borrowed from a friend. Pregnancy lifesaver!

Best moment this week:  Honestly this week has just been full of anticipation and excitement! Finding out the gender is all my Mom and Leigh's mom can talk about and I love it!

Miss Anything? Sleeping on my back. Side sleeping, even with my pregnancy pillow is doing a number on my body!

Sleep? Other than being sore after sleep, I have been sleeping fantastic the last few nights due to downloading a white noise app. One night I couldn't sleep so I put it on "heavy rainfall" setting and it put me in the deepest sleep so I've been using it every night! 

Movement: This little munchkin is a non stop mover and I love it! It's so much more fun being pregnant when you can actually feel it!

Cravings: I honestly don't get cravings but I just love food lol! I had chicken fajitas this week and they were amazing! I also had a little nap at my parents house the other day and woke up to dinner made by my Mom, potato chip crusted chicken and twiced baked potatoes. I thought I was dreaming!

Aversions:  Ate both burgers AND chicken this past week. Go me. I actually ate chicken FOUR times. 

Symptoms: (these need to go in point form now lol)
*Starting to get a bit of ligament pain, I think.
*Had to park my car across the street on a downward hill because it's too hard to get out of my car on an upwards hill. I miss my ab muscles!
*Generally just get tired easily and out of breath. Super awkward as a personal trainer!
*Bending down to pick things up is getting difficult. Almost makes me think I should start putting my clothes in a hamper or something :-P
*Gained about 17lbs so far at midwife check in today. Honestly, it's a bit terrifying seeing the numbers on the scale but I don't feel much bigger, it's weird! They also measure your belly and I'm measuring at 22 weeks (which I will be on Sunday) so that's neat.
Workouts: My whole life is a workout right now. Seriously though, kind of failing at this lately! I'm very active but have barely worked out in the last two weeks. Boo.

Baby Items Purchased: Not one thing. Although after our ultrasound last week, I went on the old navy website and just for fun, filled my cart with anything I thought was super cute for boys or girls haha.


Loving: The anticipation of our gender reveal party on Saturday!! I know these parties are a relatively new thing and I've encountered a few people that don't get it, but I am sooo glad that my lovely sister offered to throw us one. I love the fact that NO ONE except my lovely friend Justine who is making the cake knows if we are having a boy or girl, and our closest loved ones will be sharing in our joy come Saturday. Where else do you have a reason to have a party where everyone gets to be in on a surprise?!

Looking Forward To: Take a wiiiiiiiiiild guess! :-P

Monday, June 16, 2014

Nicky's Birthday!

This post is long overdue since Nicky's Birthday was a few weeks ago but here goes anyways!

When your best friend turns 30 (as most of my friends will this year) you know you need to step it up a notch. We knew we would be going for dinner and then back to Nicole's after. Jeannine and I decided we would make very a special cake for Nicky. J made the cake and assembled it ahead of time, and then I came over on Saturday afternoon (fibbing to Nicky about where I was, hehe) and helped her decorate it.

We went to Brown's for dinner, which I didn't take any pics of for some reason. Probably too busy eating my burger and yam fries. But as soon as we got back to Nicole's house I whipped out my camera for some pictures to commemorate the occasion!

We had a little mishap with the cake though...we lit a candle and then took out some sparklers to light. They all got lit together and put into the cake where they fell over onto the fondant bow and it kinda caught on fire. No harm no foul though, a little teatowel waving and the fire alarm turned back off and the cake got served!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Bump Love {20 Weeks}

                                                       Baby is the Size of A Banana!

Due Date: October 26

Maternity clothes? Yup. Still haven't bought anything new but keeping eyes open for cute dresses for upcoming events and so far, nada.

Best moment this week:  Feeling the baby kick!! I have been waiting and waiting and was starting to feel teeny bits of movement but I wasn't sure if it was the baby or everything else stretching and growing. Then on Sunday I was in the bath and all of a sudden felt a full on karate kick and saw my belly move! I was so excited and the baby did it a few more times. Must be a water baby like his/her mama! It's been kicking like crazy ever since. Also getting some new pics of the babe at our ultrasound!!

Miss Anything? Meh, not really. I wouldn't hate a margarita, but virgin ones are pretty darn good too!

Sleep? Sleep has been not too great this week. I keep waking up to Layla sneaking into our bed, the sun coming up, crows making their gross noises. However, I got to sleep in today and it was amazing.

Movement: YES! Finally! :-)

Cravings: Cinnamon toast crunch. Also, at the wedding last weekend I took two appies off a server's tray and said one was for the baby. #noshame

Aversions:  I made homemade burgers, took one bite of mine and couldn't eat any more. Very strange!

Symptoms: I actually feel pretty great most of the time and I consider myself so lucky. Just little aches and pains, all normal stretching stuff. This week I have been more tired than normal but I think that's probably due to less than stellar sleep. 

Workouts: Ha. I attempted a workout on Tuesday and I barely made it twenty minutes. Still getting quite a bit of walking in, mostly with my clients while they're warming up but hoping to have more energy after a day off tomorrow.

Baby Items Purchased: I seriously just about died looking at the baby stuff at Old Navy. Polka dot bathing suits and jelly sandals for girls, henley bodysuits and plaid shirts for boys...I will be standing outside the mall at opening on the 22nd. 

Mood: Happy and hormonal :-P

Loving: Being Halfway done!! I probably should have posted this last week but we had another baby join our group of friends which makes two baby girls in the last month! I got to meet them both last week and they're both adorable!

Looking Forward To: Same as every week! Finding out the gender with my closest friends and family, and then shopping for whatever gender it is! Having the envelope in my hands was SO hard, I feel much better now that my friend Justine has it so she can bake our cake!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Bump Love {19 Weeks}

changing up the bump photo location this week - on the ferry on route to Victoria!

Baby is the Size of A Mango!

Due Date: October 26

Maternity clothes? I'm still planning a post on maternity clothes shopping, but I haven't bought anything new in awhile. Living in maxi dresses, the few dresses I own that accommodate the bump while still being long enough, my old navy skinny jeans and long tops. Also, workout clothes obviously! I need to get a few t shirts to wear instead of my usual hoodie and cropped tights. My gym is getting hot!

Best moment this week:  Taco Tuesday. Just being honest. :-P

Miss Anything? Being able to demonstrate form on certain exercises for clients!! I won't demonstrate anything I'm not supposed to do but I miss being able to! For the most part it hasn't been too bad though. I also have been sitting on a ball for some of the time while training because standing for long periods is starting to suck.

Sleep? Sleep has been pretty good. A few months ago I painted a headboard and attached one of those metal bed frames to it, but it made our mattress way less supportive. Also, the mattress and the topper made it ridiculously high, I was starting to have difficulty getting in and out of bed. The other night I supervised while Leigh dismantled it so for now we have our mattress/box spring on the floor. It's a good height now, just no under bed storage. I'll figure out a new bed situation for when we get our new place.

Movement: Can't feel anything yet. There's so many strange feelings it's hard to tell. 

Cravings: Honestly, I haven't been craving anything in particular. Still loving salty things like pickles and non-fish sushi. Anything taco/mexican makes me ridiculously happy.

Aversions:  Chicken. I've pretty much given up on chicken unless my Mom makes it for me lol! I dunno what she does but I can eat it!

Symptoms: Starting to get used to the aches and pains and not freak out when I feel anything. All last week I was googling different areas I was getting pain lol. It seems to be mostly chalked up to round ligament pain. Also when I sneeze it feels like my tailbone is cracking in half. Random.

Workouts: I haven't actually done much this week. My body has been so achey all over lately. 

Baby Items Purchased: Nothing yet! I've started making lists of things we need and doing research on car seats and things like that. I'm definitely in the "buy what you need" camp. I don't want to fill our new apartment with baby stuff we won't use so I'm doing tons of research.

Mood: Happy! (also averaging one pregnancy related hormonal meltdown approx every 8 days)

Loving: Looking more and more pregnant every day when I wake up! 

Looking Forward To: Being HALFWAY next week!! Only a few more weeks till we find out the gender and the real fun can begin! I'm excited to plan the baby's room so I've been pinning both boy and girl ideas! We won't be in our new apartment till the baby is a few months old, so I don't really need to plan the baby's room yet since he/she will be sleeping in our room until then (in a basinette most likely) but it's still so fun to look for ideas!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Life Lately - Babies, Tiffany, and Maternity Leave Plans

Life lately, naturally, has been very pregnancy related. It's like all non baby and non pregnancy thoughts cannot stay in my head for very long. I know I will only be pregnant for 5 more months (Yeah, that makes TEN) but I can't think beyond that to look at non-maternity clothes or read books with no babies in them. It's so bizarre. I never had baby fever so it must be a new kind of baby brain.

I decided to use this to my advantage and do something I've always wanted to do, register for a new fitness certification program! Its with a company called Fit 4 Two (cute, right?) and once it's completed I will be a Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist! I literally couldn't wait to get my manual in my email, I was bugging the owner to send it to me pretty much immediately after I purchased the program. I'm glad I am doing it now while pregnant (and not earlier) because it makes the subject matter so much more interesting to me.

In other career news, well not really news, but plans for the future...I have decided to work up until my due date as long as my health is good. I figure I can sit on a ball and boss my clients around from there in the last month or so :-P. I'm self employed, so it's a little bit different for mat leave. They just changed the rules so you CAN get mat leave if you are self employed, you just have to register a year in advance which clearly did not happen in this case. I honestly would miss my work too much if I took a full year off, so I'm going to take off a few months. We move into our place January 15 and around Feb 1, I'm going to ease back into training clients. I feel so fortunate that I have a career that will allow me to work but have more time with my baby, even if I don't get the full year off. I know it will all work out!

This past weekend, we had a fun dinner for my friend Nicky's birthday. Naturally I forgot my camera card at my parents house so that post is going to have to wait until I go back out to their house. This is the Tiffany cake J and I made her. I give J total credit for the cake, I sent her a pic of one and asked if she thought we could do it and she was like yup! But I would have had no idea how to pull it off. We had fun making it though and we looked up how to make the bow on youtube!

This weekend, we are heading over to Vancouver Island for a wedding, one of Leigh's co-workers is getting married at this amazing place called Merridale Cidery, it's kind of near Cowichan Bay. It'll be nice to have a little weekend getaway. On a side note, dressing a bump for a wedding is so far not fun. We'll see what I can pull out of my hat that's wedding worthy! :-P

Stay tuned for a bump update tomorrow!