Saturday, January 28, 2012

History of Taren

Whenever I meet someone for the first time, I pretty much always get a comment on my name and how unusual it is. If I spell it out for them, they say "I knew a girl with that name, but she spelled it with a Y."
Never fails.
Then I tell them that I was named after a character on an 80s nighttime soap opera. My parents love soaps, especially my dad. I love to picture my parents in the 80, watching this show and finding the name for their first born daughter. And inventing the spelling. I used to think this was hilarious but now I can totally see myself doing the same thing!
I went through a phase where I didn't love my name for some reason. I wanted to be called a common girly name. I grew to love my name and it's soapy history! :-P
My blog has a traffic source section and it tells me what people have googled to end up on my blog. A few times I have seen things like "80s soap opera character named Taren" which makes me laugh. First of all, whoever has googled that-I love them. That is exactly something I would do. I tell my name origin to pretty much everyone. So since this is my blog, I'm going to tell you the answer to this google question.
The show I was named after was called Paper Dolls. It was only on for one season but there was also a movie. My character was Taryn Blake, a teen model. She was played by Nicolette Sheridan on the show and Daryl Hannah in the movie. I imagine it was probably pretty similar to 90210 or Gossip Girl. I will attach a few hilarious 80s pictures at the bottom of this post.

Thanks Mom and Dad for the awesome name.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to Make Delicious Spaghetti Squash!

Earlier this month I posted about my new years resolutions and goals. One of my goals was to try a new recipe each month. I have been dying to try spaghetti squash instead of pasta for ages. I picked up the squash a week ago and today I finally got around to it!
I actually really liked it!! The sauce I made was delicious so that helped. I simmered my sauce for a few hours which I think makes a huge difference.
I highly recommend trying spaghetti squash.You feels like your eating pasta, it's very satisfying. Even Leigh liked it!

This is what I did:

For the squash:
Cut it in half lengthwise and scrape put the seeds and pulp. Place it cut side down on a baking tray and bake at 375. I did it for 35 minutes but I might try it a little longer next time. When it's done, scrape the insides with a fork and it turns instantly into pasta shape! I found this part quite fun lol. Put on a plate and add your toppings.

For the sauce:
You can use any sauce you want really, but this is what I did. I don't use recipes for sauce but first I sauteed half an onion and a few garlic cloves. Then I took a big can of lower sodium crushed tomatoes, about 1 cup of water (skip if you plan on eating the sauce right away, I wanted to let mine simmer for a few hours so I added more liquid. Then I added cooked ground turkey (you can also use beef, or no meat at all) and some spices: basil, oregano, pepper and 2 bay leaves. This time I didn't add salt so add that to taste if it needs it. Bring to a boil and let simmer.
And that's it!

You can also add a bit of cheese like I did for my hubby like Parmesan or feta. I have also seen baked lasagna versions!

Let me know if you try this out!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Easy Breakfast: Veggie Quiche Cups!

This is one of my favourite healthy recipes. I find breakfast to be one of the hardest meals because I don't feel like eating in the morning. If I have these ready to go, it's a lot easier! I make a ton at a time because my husband eats them too!

Vegetable Quiche Cups to Go
  • 1 package (10 ounces) frozen chopped spinach
  • 3/4 cup liquid egg whites or egg substitute
  • 3/4 cup shredded reduced-fat cheese
  • 1/4 cup diced green and red bell peppers
  • 1/4 cup diced onions
  • 3 drops hot pepper sauce (optional)


Microwave the spinach for 2-1/2 minutes on high. Drain the excess liquid.

Line a 12-cup muffin pan with foil baking cups. Spray the cups with cooking spray.  (I always forget to do this)

Combine the egg substitute, cheese, peppers, onions and spinach in a bowl. Mix well. Divide evenly among the muffin cups. Bake at 350°F for 20 minutes, until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean.

Quiche cups can be frozen and reheated in the microwave. Any combination of appropriate vegetables and reduced-fat cheeses may be used.

Tips & Bonus Information

77 calories; 3g total fat; 2g saturated fat; 10mg cholesterol; 3g carbohydrate; 9g protein; 2g fiber; 160mg sodium
Yield: 6
Preparation Time: 5-10 minutes
Cooking Time: 20 minutes

Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow Days Update

I've been so, so bad at blogging. I've only posted twice so far this year. The only excuse I have is that I don't have Internet at my house. Well, I do but it's wireless, and my laptop stopped working so my only options are blogging from my phone, which is annoying. I am currently at my inlaws so I thought I would write a quick post.
Today, it's snowing like crazy. Personally, I love the snow. Yes, it's a pain to get around but it's super magical. I love how it makes everything so quiet. Nothing like curling up inside watching the snow fall, preferably with a hot drink.
My only wish is that I had bought myself some rain boots earlier this year. It doesn't snow often enough to warrant buying snowboots but rain boots would keep the hem of my pants from getting wet. I haven't been able to find any that are cute and cheap, but I'm on the hunt! These two are so cute but one is Kate Spade and the other are Hunter so those are staying on the wish list for now.

I also took the Christmas tree down but I left my snowmen up. It makes no sense to take them down since Winter only started less than a month ago. So my snowmen stay up until I'm ready for Spring! 
image via Pinterest (somehow don't have pics of my snowmen?)

Not much else is new with me, I have been busy getting my business organized, which is very exciting. My business cards should be showing up any day now so I will post those when I get them. Other than that I have just been enjoying my Christmas presents. I also got a Blackberry Tablet for Christmas that I didn't post about because I didn't get it on Christmas. I LOVE it! The main thing I use it for other than scanning through Pinterest obsessively is watching videos/shows/movies at the gym. Can I just say that it makes cardio SO MUCH EASIER! I've been doing 45 minutes about 6 times per week since the week after Christmas!

I also looove my Keurig coffee maker! I got the Christmas coffee set with it, which included Spicy Eggnog, Gingerbread, and Golden French toast.

It came with 48 cups so needless to say I am still enjoying those! I have also tried a donut house brand that went FAST in our house! It's such a great treat! I use either a splash of skim milk or unsweetened almond milk which is super low in calories and Splenda. It is my goal this year to make the switch from Splenda to Stevia.

I have been feeling super into crafts and things like that so I will be posting more about that soon, as I'm due to finish my first "creation" of the year (see my 2012 post if you're confused!)

Have a fabulous snow day!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My 2012

I debated whether or not to share my new years resolutions on my blog. What I do instead of making a list that just makes me feel guilty if I look at it, I make a list of stuff I want to do and a lot of it is fun stuff. So here goes:

  1. Each month, create something. Crafts, gifts, whatever. Anything counts.
  2. Each month, try a new recipe.
  3. Take a Burlesque dance class. This is my secret desire. I don't know why, I'm obsessed. I have been to Vegas twice, went to the Pussycat Dolls Lounge and both times they weren't performing.  Heartbroken.
  4. Take a photography class and learn how to use my darn camera!
  5. Start getting shellac on my nails and grow them out.
  6. Learn how to curl my hair. (this has been on my resolution list for years)
  7. Learn how to do my makeup. (Ditto)
  8. Go on a trip with my husband (probably California)
  9. Go on a trip with the girls in the Summer (planned!)
  10.  Read more inspirational/motivational books.
 Obviously I am focusing a lot on building my business as well. Last year was the year I learned how to get up and do something to move forward one step at a time. I was stuck for so many years and now when obstacles come along, I just re-evaluate and keep going.
Of course I will be blogging my way through my adventures this year as well!
What do you have planned for 2012?


Motivational Tricks!

So, it's almost the middle of January. After a few weeks of New Year enthusiasm, it's easy to lose your motivation. I have found some very cool motivational tricks that I thought I'd share. 

Set a goal of how many workouts you want to do in one month. Print off a blank calendar page and check off each one as you go. When you complete them all, treat yourself to something fun like a new book (ok, not everyone is as dorky as me) or a clothing item, workout clothes, makeup, whatever! Print off a picture of it to keep right above the calendar page.


 I found this next one on Pinterest. I know, that is American money in the jar. Loonies and Toonies don't take up as much room unfortunately. What you do is, decide on an amount for each workout, say a dollar or two dollars, depending on your budget. For each workout you complete, you put the money in the jar. When it gets to a pre-determined amount say 50 or 100 dollars, you get to spend it on something fun for yourself guilt free!

Speaking of Pinterest, I find it to be an inspiring motivational tool. There are so many cute sayings and images. There are also tons of links for healthy recipes. If you want a Pinterest invitation to start your own pinboards, let me know and I'll send you one. Read here for more info on what Pinterest is all about and how to use it and click here if you want to see my boards!

Another thing is, if you are losing motivation try to make it as easy as possible on yourself. By that I mean, get organized so it takes no effort. Prep lots of food at once so meals are a piece of cake (not literally, of course!) keep your gym bag ready to go with water, workout clothes and shoes, ipod and headphones, magazines, snacks, whatever you need. Lay out your clothes before you go to bed so you have everything ready to just grab what you need and go! Team up with a friend to get you moving!

The motivation you feel when you are about to embark on a new goal is nothing compared to when you are on your way and doing it! I had an amazing workout with a friend of mine yesterday and I felt so amazing that I am on this path that I'm on. 

If you need any help getting motivated, feel free to message me, email me, call me whatever. I am here to help! I didn't become a personal trainer just to coach people on fitness, I wanted to cheer people on in their goals! This part of my business is completely and totally free of charge! :-)

I'd love it if you tell me what motivates you in the comments below!


Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year and New Path!

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy new years night! I rang in the new year with one of my oldest friends at her new townhouse and of course our hubbies! Ive never been a huge fan of New Year, probably because Christmas is my favourite holiday. I figure if you're with people you love, its a good night!

I am super excited for this coming year because I have started my personal training business. In the past week I have:
  • gotten photos done with my favourite photographer ever, Carol-Ann! She also made me an awesome banner for my facebook page!
  • Set up a Facebook page which you can see here or by clicking the above photo. Please hit like! :-)
  • Set up my website, which is really more of a blog because I love blogging! But it does have all the important info someone might need if they need to find me! That's at
  • Ordered my business cards! (They're so cute! I will post a pic when I get them!)
I am so excited to be venturing out on this new path! I really love fitness, although like every other person on the planet I do sometimes have a hard time getting motivated. However, having this business has been motivating me so much that my own workouts have been kicking ass! I hope that I can motivate some people to get active! We can all inspire and motivate each other. 
Please don't worry as this blog isn't going to turn into a fitness blog. I do have one at my website if you want to follow me there. I just thought I would let you all know what I've been up to.

Have a great day!