Tuesday, November 20, 2012

6 Months Post Competition

So I don't want to turn my blog into a puppy blog. I do have other aspects of my life other than Layla. I'm not one of those girls that acts like her dog is her daughter...except it totally feels like that right now.
This blog post isn't about Layla, it's about the fact that my competition was six months ago yesterday.
Reflecting back, I'm still pretty damn proud of myself for what I did. I still can't even really believe it, it kinda feels like a dream.
Everyone who competes hopes and prays and plans to not rebound. Did I? Ummm yeah. I'm being totally honest with you guys. I felt so great and energetic up until the last little bit that I did not expect to feel like I did afterwards.
First of all, afterward I felt like a broken down car that had been going a hundred miles an hour and crashed. I couldn't really move. I had zero energy. For awhile I just went for walks with my husband but I didn't really feel like doing that. I couldn't seem to find my rhythm at the gym. I had no drive left.
I also had no appetite. I tried to keep it clean and I managed for awhile but I was so turned off my favourite healthy foods even.
I also felt like I would never look that fit again so it was hard to push myself without knowing what I wanted the end outcome to be. I did not gain an unhealthy amount of weight but I'm definitely a little more than I'd like to be.
This has been my journey for the last 6 months. I had an amazing summer having fun and being carefree. I have been slowly getting back into my routine and more importantly starting to feel my love of fitness again.
I'd like to say that I'm not against competitions in any way, just that the "post" planning is just as important as the prep stage. Be well aware and ready for the different phases. Now that it's all out there in the open I will update you guys on my progress.


  1. You look fab my dear! Thanks for the great honest post! xo

  2. Thanks for sharing Taren! Lets connect soon, I'd love to talk to you more about your post show experience. You are so beautiful no matter what! Soooo proud of you!! YOU inspire so many people!! Keep up the great work~!

  3. Oops I forgot to leave my name under my comment...I am not anonymous! lol

    Taryn Shea Loughran

  4. You look and are beautiful and Yes post show planning is just as important if not more....My current coach would have not signed me on without committing to a post show 4 week meal,supplement and training plan...as off season is totally different all together. This is a 4 week back to reality post show program!!!

    I totally understand the rebound effect and what that looks like on top of the metabolic damage that comes with every show you do if you choose to do them if you aren't careful. Especially being a natural competitor it comes with a lot of hard work and for me its easier to diet down than maintain a healthy body and mind post show.

    Somehow I feel different this time...I am still within the 10 lbs of show weight and enjoying every bit of life. I hope it continues and the effects of another rebound never reach me :)

    Thank you for your honest post....All of have gone through it!!!!

    xo Grace

    1. Awesome post Grace - You are always so postive and have such great advice!!