Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Some Serious Questions

It's no secret that I love blogging, and lately I've been researching into making it a part time job. Many bloggers seem to do this, and it takes a lot of work, but why not make a living doing something that you already do and love doing?

The question is, who am I and what is my blog doing here? Does my blog accurately portray who I am?

Seriously though, I read over my posts and they're just so random. They're ME but they're random. I blog about clothes, DIY, my dog, my life, fitness, recipes, books, things I love...what exactly is the theme of this blog? I've always kind of just made it my own space and blogged about what I wanted to blog about but I'm really wondering what the people that read my blog actually LIKE reading?

The other thing I wonder about is that sometimes people think that my blog portrays me as this perfectly happy all the time person and that's not the case for any human being. Anyone who knows me in person knows that even though I generally have a positive outlook on life, I can be a total basketcase sometimes like everyone else. I just prefer not to complain about hellish days/being sick/things not going my way because I honestly don't enjoy reading those types of things. I like reading about people who overcome those situations and emotions, not dwell in them. But should I be more honest here about real thoughts and feelings even though they're not all positive? Should I be talking about my struggles as well as triumphs?

I'd really love some feedback from anyone who has read or reads my blog somewhat regularly, when there's nothing better to do. :-P Feel free to leave anonymous comments if you prefer!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Hot Pink & Salted Caramel

If the title of my blog caught your attention, we should be friends. Or we possibly already are. :-P

Today was my normal day off so I feel very spoiled with a few days off. I got to spend lots of time with Leigh and we had a great little weekend away at his uncle's house. We had such a great time with Leigh's mom, uncle and his uncle's gilfriend. Lots of wine and lots of laughs. Honestly if people outside of our family heard how we talk to each other they would probably be alarmed but we just like to bug each other to the max and it's always hilarious. 

Of course, being in the states means we had to do a LITTLE shopping at least. I always have great finds at Marshalls and this time was no different. I found a fake leather jacket in the exact style I was looking for on clearance for $15. Can't beat that.

I always find the best flavoured coffees at Marshalls/Winners type places. I found this salted caramel coffee for $5 and I can't wait to try it tomorrow. It will probably make my morning a little better.

I know it's WAY too early for cute summery dresses but that didn't stop me from picking this up at Target. The colour is much brighter in person than in the Target photo. It feels so far away to be able to wear it but it gives me something bright and fun to look forward to.


Speaking of things to look forward to...I found this preview the other day and I got really excited. When was the last time a really fun chick flick movie came out that was worthy of a night out with girlfriends? Seriously can't remember, but I am definitely booking mine for this movie! It comes out in April.
 I have this really weird thing where I get sad if there are no good movies out. I just find it depressing for some reason. There's nothing like a good fun movie! I've also recently watched Saving Mr. Banks (some people love it, some people hate it, I loved it personally) and Wolf of Wall Street (don't have much to say about that except WOW lol, very interested but you kind of feel like you need to take a shower after that movie, just so much bad lol). 

Have you seen any good movies lately?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Life Lately

I apologize for the complete silence over here. I have been really sick for a week, and before that, well, I have no excuse. I'm looking forward to getting feeling better and getting this year going! I am a little sick of being in leggings and pjs all the time and feeling like a bum. Although after I took the below pic I did straighten my hair and put on makeup and felt a little more human.

With all the sparkly festiveness of Christmas over, life in comparison is a little blah. I miss the Christmas season already. What is January anyways? It's like the chores month somehow. There's not even any good TV. I have spent a lot of time this year already sorting and getting rid of stuff and it feels pretty awesome. I actually feel kind of organized for once. My Mom as usual was a huge help.

I did save a little peice of Christmas by recording the fire log channel on my PVR. Instant coziness in the bedroom anytime I want!

A little project I completed recently:

Like 18 months ago, I purchased a headboard off Craiglist for $10. My mother in law and I finally finished it. It's so weird to have an actual bed. I realised it's been like 5 years since I've had a proper bed. So grown up! I will post proper pics soon, I actually need to raise the headboard, it's barely visible from under my giant mattress.

Layla got a little haircut and I think she looks even cuter. Much less scruffy without her beard lol, and a little more girly too. Love this dog!

Leigh and I are going with his mom to visit his uncle and his uncle's girlfriend in good old Enumclaw this week. I'm excited to get away, it's so nice and relaxing there and it's just good to change it up in boring January.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Making 2014 Count

I'm linking up with some lovely ladies today for one of my favourite topics: goals!

source: Pinterest

1.  I have set a few goals for the coming year, as always. I have seen so many people stating that they won't make resolutions because no one ever sticks to their resolution. I don't really use that word much, but I do always make goals for the year, and I usually do most of them. The biggest reminder of my ability to achieve goals will probably always be my fitness competition. I wanted to do it, I set the goal, and I worked harder on it than anything else in my entire life. After that, I can do anything.

Some of the goals I accomplished in 2013:

Become self employed
Increase income
Get a new blog look (still love it after almost a year) and domain name
Get a fitness website
Find my faith
Learn how to curl my hair and do my makeup (still not fabulous at it but definite improvement)
Become more organized (while I still have so long to go, I honestly feel like I've made an improvement)

So, I'd say it definitely works to set goals!

Goals for this year include:

1.Choose joy over everything else
2.Take more action
3.Buy an apartment/townhouse
4. Dress up more
5.Find more balance with health and fitness (more on this topic later)
6.Complete some projects I've been working on
7.Use my camera more

source: Lara Casey

Whenever anyone sets a goal, it's important to know how to make things happen. I get extremely overwhelmed with a long to do list (or sometimes even a short one) so I try to focus on the next thing. I've probably talked about this before but when I wanted to get my training certification, the step list from the BCRPA was like 20 steps. Leigh wrote out the first step and stuck it on the fridge and told me to forget the rest for now. By doing this it helped me just get the first step done and everything flowed easily after.

How I plan to make it happen:
1. Put the word Joy everywhere, do positive reading daily
2. Use my planner to write to do list
3. Follow our saving plan
4. Keep clothes a bit more organized so I can dress up easily
5. This is a whole other post and a work in progress
6. I have a list of projects and what needs to be done on them to keep me on track
7. Keep my camera/batteries/card nearby or with me at all times so I don't miss a moment

I am following an amazing goal setting series by Lara Casey here if anyone is interested.

source: pinterest

2. JOY is my word of the year and I love it. I chose it as my word back at the beginning of the Christmas season. I felt many moments of joy and I plan to let it in as much as possible.

3. I will make 2014 count by starting each day new, and wasting less time. I love my blogs, I love my Facebook, and I love my Instagram, but how many times does it need to be checked a day? Not many. If someone really needs me, they can call me, phone numbers on my website. For now, I am putting the phone down. Time to choose joy and make things happen!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! 

I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve! It's one of those nights that's hard to live up to expectations. I've had some amazing New Years Eves and some so-so. The important thing is being with people you love.

This year we just wanted to relax at home. Some of my besties came over, we ordered Chinese food, drank wine, had puppy cuddles, ate cookies, and watched movies.

It was fabulous.

I think there's hardly anything more exciting than a New Year and the possibilities it brings. I will be sharing some of my goals for the year with you very soon.