Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Arianna's Room Plans

Now that we are moving in 7(!!!) days, I am in full blown planning mode for Arianna's room. Of course I'm excited about decorating the rest of the apartment too, but I've waited a long time to set up her room!

I always knew I wanted to incorporate my favourite colours (coral and turquoise) into Arianna's nursery, but I couldn't picture it all in my head. The first thing I wanted to do was paint the walls. Our walls come painted a nice colour, thank goodness because I hate white walls, but they wouldn't really make coral and turquoise pop like I wanted to. So the walls are getting a quick little makeover courtesy of my parents.

the color I chose "Silver Trophy"
The first pop of colour that is going in the room is Arianna's beautiful glider that my family helped me make over, my mom carted it around back and forth to my uncle's, who painted it perfectly, and my mother in law made over the cushions with fabric that I picked out. 

I am buying a second hand crib which will hold the change mat on top. The picture above is the same one I am getting and I'm hoping to change the knobs to the crystal ones like in the picture. So pretty and girly. The crib and dresser along with the glider is probably all the furniture this tiny little room will need/hold.


My idea is to put the crib and dresser along side the straight wall, and then the glider in front of the window. Then maybe along the little wall by the door I'd like to put those little shelves to display books. Girl's gotta have her books!

My first plan was to order some crib bedding like the one above, or maybe fabric to sew it, but then I realised how necessary fancy bedding is, not to mention the fact to get it made is hundred of dollars. I plan on eventually getting a breatheable bumper to ease my new mama mind, and all the baby needs for bedding is a crib sheet. Of course, I do want a crib skirt too, but I found an inexpensive pretty aqua one. In order to get the pop of coral I want, I'm ordering a matching change pad cover and crib sheet in this beautiful colour. Which may or may not even be coral, but I love it. I want more pink-y than orange.

Later down the road I would love to make Arianna a cozy little quilt or maybe even a duvet cover, but for now she sleeps in her little sleepsuit and once she outgrows that we will move into a regular sleep sack.

Those are all my plans so far and I can't wait to put it all together! 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

First Look At Our Home

Today Leigh and I had our walk through for our condo! I was so excited to finally see it, we've seen display suites and pictures but our layout was not one of the show suite layouts and also our condo is on the top floor so has vaulted ceilings and we were dying to see what it looked like. We took some selfies while waiting for the developer rep to come meet us.
family pic minus Layla

It was so surreal walking through the hall and seeing our unit 417 on the door! We walked inside and I couldn't help myself, I went "Holy S**t". Such a lady. Sorry Mom. The developer was like what's wrong?! I was like "Nothing, it's just amazing!" It looked a million times better than I ever imagined. Even though it's only 800 square feet, it feels so spacious because of the ceilings. They're 12 feet which is twice the height of Leigh!

I apologize for the quality of the pictures, I was seriously so dazed by this place I didn't really get good ones. And the pictures don't' do it justice!

living room

kitchen and pantry with washer/dryer

living room/patio door

our room

the first of many selfies in Arianna's room (it has mirrored closet doors)

my bathroom (Leigh has his own but I didn't take any pics)

view from our patio

And that's all I got! Obviously I'll be taking more as we move in and get settled. We are sooo excited!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Loving Our Weekends

where this child gets her sass from we will never know :-P
The weekends seem to be flying by lately! I don't know what it is but I have been loving my weekends. I've almost always worked weekends so never really enjoyed them to the fullest. I don't know if it's just that I always want to get out with Arianna but we've been having a great time lately. Leigh usually spends a day with us and then goes flying during the day the other day, and I go visit my family or hang out with friends.

What happens if you leave a birthday card near a baby

This weekend was Leigh's birthday, so we had a quick dinner out while Arianna hung out with my parents. We had a BBQ chicken pizza which I really want to attempt at home. This one had pizza sauce and BBQ sauce which seemed like an odd combination. Then we all went home to put baby to bed and watch our new obsession, Suits!

Saturday I had a client and headed over to my parents house to work on the table and chairs I bought. My dad has kinda taken over this project which is probably a good thing because I am NOT a patient sander. I can't wait to see it all finished in our place.

Speaking of our place...we get to see it TOMORROW!! I cannot even believe that the time has finally come!! I've pictured it so many times in my head, looked at the floor plan and creeped other people's pictures on Craigslist, but nothing will compare to seeing our own home for the first time! I'm thinking that I will take a ton of pics and post an empty house tour tomorrow! I've also got a post coming about Arianna's room plans. I really hope to get back into blogging regularly now that we will be finally settled.

first time in a restaurant high chair

We had brunch with my mom's whole side of the family because my aunt was in town on Sunday. It's always a little crazy getting out with the baby but worth it to see family. 

In other exciting news, I got an Ergo baby carrier and I am LOVING it. My sister in law lent me hers and I finally got the hang of using it, but of course she will be needing it back to carry my little niece around in April so I wanted to get my own. Thankfully my friend was wanting a different carrier so she sold me hers for a great price. I have got it down pat getting her in and out. 

Layla being so good outside Starbucks

We've already been using it for walks with Layla, it's going to be so helpful in getting her out for walks and bathroom breaks in our condo! I'm kinda kicking myself for not getting one earlier but it's perfect for the size she is now and as she grows.

I promise I will post an update from our walk through tomorrow, until then I leave you with this picture of my baby holding my Grandma's hand. So sweet.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Arianna {4 Months}

I can't believe my little girl is already 4 months old! I swear every month is my new favourite. We just love her to pieces, our whole family is crazy about her. Here's what she's up to now:

Weight:  Around 15.6 lbs, according to my scale at home.

Height:  Like I can get this wiggle worm to let me measure her. I'd say around 24.5 inches.

Feeding: Still breastfeeding, still topping her up with a bit of formula. I think she may have been going through a growth spurt because she was so hungry all the time.

Sleep: Pretty sure she hit the 4 month sleep regression a little early, sleep has been all over the place this month. One night, she slept 11-6, the next she was up every 45 minutes. The hardest part has been getting her to bed. The last few weeks, we put her to bed by 7 and she's awake every half an hour or so until like 9! Needless to say, I haven't seen a full episode of anything all month. 

Milestones: She's trying to hard to roll over both ways. When she's on her back she flips her whole body over but her arm gets in the way. She's just so active and alert now! She's obsessed with putting her hands in her mouth and playing with her feet. She grabs onto anything in her path now, toys, clothes, hair, facial parts. She makes all kinds of noises and facial expressions. She definitely knows her mom and dad!

Clothes: I swear she's almost outgrowing some 3-6 months which I can't figure out how that's possible. She looks so freaking cute in everything! I also love that she got my colouring, because like me she can wear almost any color! :-P I've started stocking up on some summer clothes for her and I cannot wait to see her in them! Loving the little rompers and dresses! 

Diapers: Size 2. Using Pampers Swaddlers because I find they absorb the best.

Likes: Eating, yelling for me to come get her every time she wakes up, when people smile at her, I also swear she knows when people are complimenting her, walks in her stroller or the ergo (having attempted too many of these because my back has been so sore lately) any kind of bright toy. She's kind of obsessed with teddy bears, my mother in law has a bunch of teddy bear stuff and when she shows it to her Arianna squeals with delight. She also bought the cutest little soft going to bed book with a teddy. Her other favourite is this super colourful monkey my mom bought her in Harrison. This girl is spoiled by her Grandma's and loves it. She still loves being lifted in the air, tummy time, getting her diaper changed oddly. She's just a really happy baby, she kinda loves everything. Except maybe bedtime.

Dislikes:  I would say bedtime. Not even sleep, because she goes down for naps super easily, but something about bedtime makes her kind of anxious. She freaks out whenever I put her down. I also had to move her out of her basinett and as I don't have a crib yet, I'm using a playpen with the bottom raised up. So maybe it's due to the change in scenery.

Baby gear we love: Still loving her swing and bouncy chair. I would also like to say that if I could go back I totally would have just bought a Pack N Play instead of a basinett. They're so much more versatile. Thank goodness I had found one for my mother in law to use at her house when we move out. I realised about a week ago that Arianna had totally outgrown the basinett, it was only supposed to be used up to 3 months! I have also been using my sister in law's ergo more, I'm officially converted so I'm buying my own since she'll be needing hers soon for my neice that's almost here!  
I also bought a magic sleepsuit which although definitely not magic, has allowed her from sleeping swaddled to sleeping not swaddled in the sleepsuit without any real sleep interruption. I would actually say that it helps her fall asleep faster than swaddling. 

Things I don't want to forget:
Her adorable little smile is my favourite. Even though I'd love to get this whole bedtime thing under control, when she fusses in the playpen and I pick her up, she snuggles into me and it's so heartwarming. I want to soak up these moments while I can.

Looking Forward to:
Finally being in our own home with our little family! I can't wait to get her room set up and get into a good little routine.