Sunday, April 1, 2012

Keds, Hunger Games and Other Randomness

Random mini updates on what's going on in my little world:

I got new shoes.

I was concerned I could not pull these off, so I got an extremely cheap knock off version. Did you know Keds are like $50 now? I haven't decided if I'm pulling them off yet. But they are quite comfy and they work for my current crazy lifestyle.

Leigh and I are also moving into a new place. After a few awesome apartments that felt out of our hands, I am hesitant to even talk about it until I hold the key in my hand. More about that soon. But I am very excited and I will say it's like a dream apartment for me.

Hunger Games.

Oh how I tried to resist this bandwagon. First of all, I had heard the basis for the book series and it did not sound like my thing at all. Yet I kept hearing how amazing they were. How is it possible that something that sounded like an awful world could be so popular? One of my favorite authors, Jennifer Lancaster, described how she had the book in her bag out for dinner at a restaurant and actually was hiding the book under the table because she was dying to know what happened. Then the movie came out and everyone loved it. I had nothing good to read. So I gave in.
It's been 24 hours, I've started and finished the 1st book, I'm halfway through the 2nd and I'm guessing I'll be done the whole serious and begging someone to see the movie with me by Monday night. What a sell out. :-P

In the fitness aspect of my life:

Hmm lets see. A lot of chicken. A lot of water. A LOT of cardio. And quite a bit of getting my butt kicked by my trainer. So there's that.

It has occurred to me that while I've always talked about "healthy" things and "fitness" things, it might get annoying to people to read about my competition prep. So I've created a second blog to document that. If you'd like to to read that, go here.

That's all for now, but I promise I won't wait two weeks to blog again! :-)


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