Thursday, July 12, 2012

My new goal!

One of the things that helped me get into shape was having a goal. It was a little different than most goals I've set, because I had signed up (and paid) to do this competition. I had told everyone at work, at the gym, and all my friends and family that I was doing it.
However, just as important as having a goal, is eating clean and exercising as part of a daily lifestyle. That part is harder for most people, myself included. Without the prospect of walking on stage in a tiny bikini, my workouts and diet have been a lot more lenient. And you know what? I really don't feel that great because of it. I feel tired and lethargic and a little less confident than the weeks leading up to and after my competiton.
So it's time to take the things I've learned from this competition and apply them to both a regular healthy lifestyle and a new goal.

What I learned was:
  • My body LOVES healthy food. Eating oats, egg whites, lean protein, brown rice and clean protein smoothies - my body changed every single week and I felt great!
  • Cheating once a week is the key to diet satisfaction. Every time I eat something that's not "clean" 95% of the time it's not worth it. When I have my cheat meal and dessert once a week, it's much more enjoyable because I earned it! 
  • Working out gives me so much more energy than not working out. In the months leading up to the competition, I was go go go all the time, I fell into bed every night with satisfaction that I kicked butt that day, and I want that feeling back.

So, here is my new goal. I want to build more muscle in my legs to make them leaner. What I really wanted to do in my photoshoot before the competition was wear these:

Lululemon Run Speed Short

But when the time came, I just didn't feel comfortable and I know why. I was only building muscle for a few months, I just need more time to work on my legs. So that is my new goal. I will do a photoshoot around my birthday in October, wearing SHORTS!

So that's my goal. Guess I better get to work!


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