Saturday, September 29, 2012

Awesome Fall Things

I feel like there is so much to catch up on with my blog. There's my new job, for one. Also, I have a new nephew. He's ridiculously adorable and his name is Oliver.

My nephews and I (Oliver and Jackson)
I have tried to write posts from my phone several times only to have them disappear into some mystical Samsung world where no one can ever read it. Because I take pictures on my phone, it seemed easiest to blog from my phone but needless to say I will not be bothering with that anymore.

In other news, I recently went shopping in the states and discovered this little treasure. I've heard people talking about this before but had no idea what it was. Really, what the heck is cookie butter??

The fact of the matter is, it can't be explained. It just needs to be tried to understand. Which is why I have been carrying around it in my bag and feeding it to everyone I know just to see the look of amazement on their faces.

Delicious on a rice cake. Of all the people I've given it to, women seem to love it so much more than guys. So weird. Anyways, if you are hitting up Trader Joes I recommend getting this. And also sharing it so you don't eat the whole jar.

I also got THIS which I am LOVING:

I have pumpkin coffee every single morning! LOVE my Keurig.

Have a great weekend!


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