Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Arianna {One Month}

I would say that I can't believe it's already a month but that's not how I feel, it felt really LONG! I kept thinking if I can make it to a month it'll be so much easier. And I was right. We are finally getting into the swing of things and loving it!

The first few days after she was born she seemed so fussy. In my logical brain, I wonder if my low amniotic fluid really was due to the placenta not working and she wasn't getting the nutrients. Once my milk came in, she was like a different baby. She also cried when being changed and she's totally stopped that. It must be such a shock for babies to come into the real world!

She makes these little noises all the time and they're so frigging cute. They sound like a little mouse, I call them her princess noises.

Stats: 9lbs 5oz (up 1 lb 2 oz from birth)
Length: 22inches (up 2 inches from birth)

Feeding: My  milk came in quickly but wasn't enough for her off the bat. She didn't gain weight quickly enough in the first week, and she howled after eating from still being hungry which broke my heart. I have been breastfeeding/pumping and giving her a bit of formula at night. I worked hard at getting my milk supply up and we are going to try cutting out the formula now that I think I'm making enough. I could write a whole post on breastfeeding and I probably will soon.

Milestones: She is sooo aware now, she loves looking around and makes the cutest expressions. My favourite is her scrunched eyebrow look, it's exactly one of my facial expressions (although I now have lines there from too much scrunching). She can also hold her head up for a looong time, whether she's on her tummy or in someones arms! She's super curious about everything, I took her to Chapters yesterday and she was not interested in being in the stroller so I picked her up and she was looking around at everything! She smiles all the time now and it's so adorable.

Size: She still fits in her newborn clothes, but just barely. I put her in 0-3 months now because she has more room to move around. She's also in Size 1 diapers.  I absolutely adore dressing her up, I know she's a baby not a doll but...she's my little doll and I love putting cute little outfits on her. Even her little sleepers are so cute. I love it all!

Likes: Eating (Drinking?), being held, laying on Daddy's chest, pretty much hanging out on Mama's all day, sleeping on her tummy (we don't let her for long as it's not recommended but she will instantly go to sleep on her tummy, go figure), music, Christmas lights, being swaddled, having baths with me (I get in the bath and Leigh hands her to me, she absolutely loves it!), she also loves having time with her Nanna (Leigh's mom) and Grandma (mine) and both her Grandpas.

Dislikes: being hungry. This girl wakes up starving pretty much every time she naps/sleeps.

Sleep: She had night and day completely reversed and just wanted to party all night. We are happily getting her turned around after a few weeks of being just sliiightly tired. We are slowly trying to get her to sleep in her basinett after a month of just doing whatever worked at the time. She's not a very deep sleeper but we are working on that!

Postpartum: I feel quite a bit back to normal, down about 25lbs but still have a ways to go. I got the all clear to start slowly working out again! I'm not worried about my weight but at the same time, pretty much none of my clothes fit, but that's mostly to do with my boobs. Which look pretty great haha so I don't mind too much. Stretchy clothes all winter for this girl! I am still feeling so grateful that I was able to have a vaginal birth, it would have been so much harder to care for Arianna while recovering from a c-section, I give major props to anyone that had to do that!

All in all we are absolutely loving our daughter, I can't believe she's really ours. It's mind blowing that it was her in my belly all along. Our whole family is pretty smitten with her, and we are over the moon that we will be getting a girl cousin in April. My brother and his wife are finally having a girl after 2 boys. Matching outfits will be happening.

We are also sooo excited for Arianna's first Christmas, even though she is too little to do anything, it will still be really special for us.


  1. Can't believe she's a month old already! I would love to read a post about breast's definitely something I want to do, but have no idea about

  2. What a sweet little thing!!! Enjoy every moment :)