Friday, July 19, 2013

Following My Dreams


Today is the first day of a new type of life for me. The type I've always wanted. Today is the first day that I am....

self employed!

I have left my job as a trainer at Steve Nash after almost a full year of training there. I met so many great people during my time there and I learned so much. Ultimately, working for a large corporate gym is not what I wanted. All I've ever wanted is to be self employed. And now I am. Crazy, right?

If you've known me for a long time, maybe you won't think it's that crazy. I grew up in a family of business owners and that was my normal. However, when I was younger, I had no idea how to move forward in things. It was actually my husband who taught me how to just take the next step and not worry about the million steps afterward. I don't have to have all the answers right now. I just have to take one step. This applies to so many different areas of life. I know feel like I've become the type of person that knows how to get what she wants out of life, and help others along the way.

I will still be personal training, because I REALLY love it. I love connecting with people, guiding them along, helping them feel like they have someone in their corner cheering them on. Because that's really what a lot of people need in order to get in shape or get what they want out of life. 

I will also be doing other things, because I have lit this entrepreneurial fire in me and I know it's going to take me places.I can't wait to see what is in store for me.

If you feel like you need someone in your corner to reach your fitness goals, feel free to email me at or message me via my Facebook Page.


  1. Taren, I dont know exactly what it is you are doing now, but congratulations.. You inspire me to move forward.. And I may just need your help.. Can you give me some insight as to what it is you are doing now... I am looking for someone to motivate me, teach me the good / bad of eating and working out...All beit, I do eat healthy, but I cant seem to find the right balance in what I am doing, there fore continue to do the up/down scale dance.. and I have no motivation in the gym as I cant seem to find anything that is fun for me, or that pushes me enough to keep coming back.. HELP.!!!!

  2. Sorry Taren; I am the anonymous.. that was an oops,
    Rhonda Feilen...

  3. Can you help older men get back to where they should be weight wise? Curious as to costs and where you train/workout.