Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lotsa Love

This summer has just been FLYING by! I can't believe it! Every time I go to write a blog post, another week has gone by. I have been so busy with different jobs and courses, but I am so excited about the direction my career is going!

Last week, I had an amazing surprise! I was just sitting at work (one of my jobs is front desk at a gym) when I saw my husband's truck pull in 2 hours before he was supposed to pick me up. Turns out he'd decided to surprise me with some new jewelry! Who does that?! My husband, apparently. I am a very lucky girl.

He got my a Pandora charm bracelet, which I have been wanting for awhile. I have always wanted a charm bracelet but I hate things that dangle so I never started one because I thought it would drive me nuts. Pandora charm bracelets are perfect because the charm wraps around the bracelet!

Leigh took this picture when he gave me the bracelet wrapped up all pretty: 

This is my bracelet with the charm he got me, which is called Lotsa Love. It has mother of pearl hearts all over it, which is awesome because the necklace he gave me for our wedding is mother of pearl as well!

Isn't my wrist bone weird? It sticks out a lot for some reason! Anyways, I am totally in love with my bracelet and my romantic husband!

In other news, I am making my lasagna rolls to take to my grandparents for dinner tomorrow. I am posting the recipe again here, because if you haven't made them yet you definitely should. Here's a pic of what mine look like instead of Giada's picture:

Mmm favourite dinner EVER! Can't wait to see what my grandparents think! 


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  1. What a thoughtful gift! And the fact that he surprised you at work with it is sooo sweet!