Friday, September 2, 2011

Girlfriends & Wilson Phillips

I have been so busy this past week but I was so happy to get to spend some long awaited time with my girlfriends. On Tuesday, Jen and went to go see the Help.

We both read it in our book club last year and of course everyone has read it now. Even my Grandma is reading it, which is so awesome! The movie was actually amazing. I never expect it to be the same as the book because that's impossible. One is a book and one is a movie. They're not going to be the same. But in my opinion, they did a great job. It was definitely a laugh, cry, and get angry movie.

Last night, I went to the PNE with two of my other girlfriends. It's sort of our yearly tradition. We didn't bring any cameras this year because it's one of those things that needs to just be experienced. We sampled some seriously yummy food that made me glad PNE is only here for two weeks. We watched Superdogs, which is adorable dogs doing tricks. The main reason we went is to go see Wilson Phillips.

When Jeannine originally asked us if we wanted to go, I have to confess I had no idea who Wilson Phillips was. I was a book child, not a music child lol. Then Jeannine said "Remember the song at the end of Bridesmaids??!" and then I remembered. I didn't grow up listening to them that I know of, but once they were singing I recognized quite a few songs. They didn't play Hold On (the Bridesmaids song) until the encore and people just went insane. It's awesome that their cameo in the movie got them popular again!

Here is the song in case you don't remember it:


I really wish I had my camera because there was a lone guy dancing wearing an ankle bracelet that looked mandatory and it was pretty hilarious. He was nowhere near us, just in our view, but he was wearing khaki shorts that were quite short for a guy and one of us commented on how short they were. As if on cue, he ROLLS THEM UP. Seriously. What guy have you ever seen roll up his shorts to Daisy Duke height? So bizzare. And hilarious.

Also awesome: The guy who sang the Saved by the Bell theme song is part of Wilson Phillips band apparently. He sung it for us! It was so awesome. My life is now complete.

The best part of the whole time was spending time with my girlfriends. Love you girls!! <3


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