Sunday, September 4, 2011

What I'm Loving

Happy Labour Day everyone!

I finally had a few days off this weekend and it was fantastic! Sleeping in, states shopping, lots of time with hubby and family, it's been awesome! Sadly, it's coming to and end because today, I work. So lame. Should that even be legal? I really can't complain because it's a cush job where I read and make protein shakes.
Some things I'm LOVING right now:

The new flavour of Wrigley's Dessert gum:

Seriously tastes exactly like apple pie!! So yummy. I also love the Mint Chocolate Chip one.

Wicked sales! I got jeans from American Eagle at 40 percent off. The entire store is 40 percent off right now. It might be for the entire weekend, so go check it out. These are the most amazing fitting jeans ever! Please note I have a few more curves than this skinny model hehe!

My new favourite author:

I have read every single one of her books this summer. I just finished the only one I had left called "One of the Guys" and it was so good. I'm so sad, her next one doesn't come out until October! Her books are sort of romantic comedies, I really love her characters and stories!

And the last thing I'm loving - this amazing uplifting song! It's called The High Life by Kelley James:


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