Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bikini Competition Recap

So...the competition.
Soo much to say!
First off I have to say that setting a goal and actually reaching it is the most amazing feeling. Being in great shape is something I've always wanted. Doesn't everyone? I dedicated my life to it for over 5 months and I feel pretty darn great about that. I still can't quite believe that I did it! I have been asked to write a blog post about the competition so here goes, Part 1!

Left at 5am with my amazing trainer. Had a blast driving up with her, there was no traffic and we were chatting the whole time so it went by fast.

930 or so we got to Kelowna. I got my tan done, then we went to the hotel and by some miracle my room was ready like 5 hrs early. This part of the weekend was actually so fun and easy especially compared to the last few weeks. My trainer and I just kicked back, watched tv and napped it was like a mini vacation!
After 2 weeks of no carbs, I got to "carb up" which was really fun after being so deprived. I got to eat peanut butter cups and rice cakes with peanut butter (and some jam on this one)

At 7pm, I wandered over to the host hotel for our athlete's meeting. Every time I think about that I giggle...I can't believe I can be considered an athlete! Please note I do actually realize how dark my tan is. Yes, it's supposed to be like that. My professional stage shots that I ordered and some that the other photographers took do not make me look this dark.

off to athletes meeting!
After that, we just relaxed because I had to get up for 3:30 am to get my makeup done. I got squeezed in by an amazing makeup artist so I was happy to get up that early! It was actually super hard to get up that early, I literally wrapped a blanket around myself put on thick socks and shuffled over to my makeup artists room. Thank god she was staying in the same hotel as me!
After my makeup was done I went back to bed for a few hours. When I woke up, I put on my bikini!

The show started at 9am, but I knew I wouldn't be going on for a long time. However, I headed over around 10:30 to make sure I was there to help out my friend and coworker Vanessa, who competed in Figure.
On our way to the comp! Hot pink lipstick hehe
Once at the theatre, I tracked down Vanessa, she wasn't hard to spot because she looked so darn pretty and ripped!!
hottie Vanessa
Vanessa and I!

Me with a bunch more bikini girls in the background!
After all our primping, it was time to go ON STAGE!!


  1. Hey! Claire is your trainer - she's awesome!!!
    you looked fab!! so nice to have met you hun! Keep in touch!!! xoxox i will be following your blog in the off season!