Sunday, June 24, 2012

Catching Up

Happy Summer!

I can't believe it's already been over a month since my competition! Time flies when your having fun, that's for sure! It's funny how fast the pain of competition prep fades. I remember thinking in the last few weeks how I would never forget how brutal it was, but I already don't remember. I had a good laugh about my trainer about my few little meltdowns I had. There was the throwing a full coffee out my truck window, the time I went home after and all I wanted was to drink the wine in my fridge and instead I had an A&W Diet Root Beer and cried my eyes out. That might sound dramatic to you, but if you've ever competed you know what I'm talking about.
I have been seriously enjoying being lazy and giving my body a break. I've added back all my favourite healthy foods and discovered a few new ones. I've also had a few cheat meals, maybe a few too many! I really missed going to restaurants and fun things with my hubby, we're so happy to have date nights back! It's very interesting seeing what I can eat now, what makes me feel good and what makes me feel like crap. One thing I'm finding interesting is how much more I can eat now that I don't have a sitting job. I'm on my feet all day and I must be burning way more calories because I don't gain weight nearly as easily. I'm so grateful I took a chance and changed my lifestyle. Which reminds me, with my active lifestyle I have had to change my entire wardrobe. Since I'm on my feet all day, I have to wear comfortable shoes and looking cute is tricky. Yesterday, my hubby insisted on buying me these adorable shoes and I am LOVING them!

Weight-wise, I've definitely put on a few healthy lbs but I still fit in all my cute clothes I bought right before the competition, so I'm happy. I have still been active but hard workouts have not been in my life for the past month or so. I'm meeting with my trainer tomorrow. Time to set some new goals! 

In other not fitness related news, I have been spending a ton of time with my Mom trying to make our new apartment really cozy and properly decorated. With our old apartment, I said I was going to do this and that and never got around to it. Thank god for my Mom because she has a great eye! She has also been helping me clean and organize which everyone who knows me knows that is not my strong point! I will post more of my projects soon!

I also attended my 10 year high school reunion last weekend! That was definitely interesting. I am still friends with many of my friends from high school and with Facebook it wasn't that shocking to see everyone. The most shocking thing to me is that I realised I'm a completely different person than I was in high school! I'm stronger, happier, healthier than I ever thought I would be when I was in high school and I love it. I will post some pics soon, I seem to have temporarily misplaced my memory card. I guess not EVERYTHING has changed in 10 years. :-P


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