Friday, November 16, 2012

Follow Friday: Hilary's Kitchen

I had a really awesome productive day today, so no grumpy blog post! I am very, very excited to introduce my newest blogger friend (old friend, new blogger) Hilary!
I met Hilary almost five years ago, she has been friends with my hubby for years and years. I have become such great friends with her over the years that I've kinda stolen her away from Leigh and now we have lots of girl time. Sorry Leigh :-P

Hilary has started cooking a lot more this year and has made some amazing creations! She actually got me to try and LIKE mushrooms (mostly because they were in a cheese/pastry format) and has made many other delicious things! 
She is also freaking hilarious. We have an ongoing joke about starting a website called "Shit Hilary Says" because she says the most hilarious random things. She is one of my favourite people on the planet so go check out her blog. 


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