Thursday, November 22, 2012

Today I Cracked

Day 22.

First off, happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!

Today I cracked and turned on the Christmas radio station. I also was *thisclose* to buying a Christmas outfit for my dog. It didn't happen today, but it's inevitable that one day I will crack on that too.
I think the fact that it's Thanksgiving in America set me off. I love American Thanksgiving because it kicks off the season.
We are having dinner at my in-laws tomorrow to celebrate.  I can't wait!
This is obviously my first Christmas season with my own puppy so should be interesting! Definitely need to take that into consideration while decorating!
All in all I am starting to relax a bit after a stressful week of adjusting to life with a puppy. I am so grateful for my life at this moment: amazing hubby, wonderful supportive family and friends, fun rewarding it all!

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