Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring is here!


Spring is finally here! I say finally but really to me it felt like the shortest winter of all time. I think it's because my weeks go by so quickly since I'm so busy! I keep thinking about posts I should write but then I don't so I'm just gonna do a quick catch up.

Last weekend, Leigh and I decided to go to Whistler for the day. I was smarter this time and didn't wear flip flops, but it was still way colder than I thought AND it was snowing. Also, walking around the village with a very curious dog was interesting. We shared an elephant ear which was amazing. Me and Leigh, not me and the dog.

This week was super busy but I did have a few fun things. I picked up a new workout outfit which I'm in love with. I have been needing pants for a long time but couldn't find any I liked. And I'm glad I didn't listen to Leigh and just spring for Lululemon pants since they are see through apparently? I'm not a huge fan anyways, they are really overpriced for what they are.

Also, I got my nails done by my friend and I LOVE them! They aren't tips, just built up gel which I just found out from my friend you could even do. I hate getting tips glued on, so this is a great way to gr
ow my nails without having to do that. Apparently I can even paint them without ruining the sparkles so I'll be trying that out soon!

I just got home from a nice Sunday, I went to the Farmer's Market in Port Moody with my friend Hilary and we went for brunch. So nice and relaxing. I also went to Chapters and got some great deals on books with my mother in law. More posts on reading later this month, because I have been doing a lot of it (what else is new?) and I have a lot to share!

That's all for today!

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