Sunday, March 31, 2013

April Health Challenge


So I'm announcing this here to keep myself accountable. I would say I eat pretty healthy for the most part. However, lately I've definitely been letting things slide. It's easy to do when you are crazy busy. If I don't prep food ahead of time it's a lot harder to make a good decision when I get hungry. For instance, I usually try to eat some oatmeal with protein powder before I leave the house. But sometimes I don't feel like eating right away so I wait till I get hungry, which is usually when I'm at work and have three seconds before my next client and I'll grab a protein bar. This has been happening way too often lately and I haven't been feeling that energetic so April is going to be a NO SUGAR month. This is just to cut out the extra sugar from my diet from protein bars, ect. It's amazing how many times sweets just kinda appear in our lives and usually I'll have a peice or two but those add up. And I don't even like that stuff that much! So out it goes.
Should be interesting. I'm also cutting out anything that turns to sugar such as bread, pasta ect. 

As I always say to my clients, I'm not some superfit crazy trainer. What I am is a normal person who has been on both sides and knows how much better it feels on the fit healthy side. I try to bring as many people over to this side as possible. Which is why I'm posting this, because I'm only human and I struggle too.
Anyways, that's all for now, fun posts on my awesome weekend tomorrow!

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