Tuesday, March 10, 2015

First Look At Our Home

Today Leigh and I had our walk through for our condo! I was so excited to finally see it, we've seen display suites and pictures but our layout was not one of the show suite layouts and also our condo is on the top floor so has vaulted ceilings and we were dying to see what it looked like. We took some selfies while waiting for the developer rep to come meet us.
family pic minus Layla

It was so surreal walking through the hall and seeing our unit 417 on the door! We walked inside and I couldn't help myself, I went "Holy S**t". Such a lady. Sorry Mom. The developer was like what's wrong?! I was like "Nothing, it's just amazing!" It looked a million times better than I ever imagined. Even though it's only 800 square feet, it feels so spacious because of the ceilings. They're 12 feet which is twice the height of Leigh!

I apologize for the quality of the pictures, I was seriously so dazed by this place I didn't really get good ones. And the pictures don't' do it justice!

living room

kitchen and pantry with washer/dryer

living room/patio door

our room

the first of many selfies in Arianna's room (it has mirrored closet doors)

my bathroom (Leigh has his own but I didn't take any pics)

view from our patio

And that's all I got! Obviously I'll be taking more as we move in and get settled. We are sooo excited!

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