Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Arianna's First Pitt Meadows Day

Last weekend was so much fun. I am really trying to get out more and do more fun stuff event though it's a lot of work with a baby. I want to make lots of memories and also Arianna seems way happier outside than inside, so we're going to try to have lots of little adventures this summer.

Friday, we met up with my Mom at the park, she had my nephew Oliver with her. Oliver and Arianna played dump trucks together and went on the swings.

Saturday was Pitt Meadows Day! I always loved Pitt Meadows Day as a kid so I was really excited to take Arianna out. Nicky came along with us.

We skipped the parade but went to the park/fair type thing they have set up. We walked around for a bit and then set up shop in the shade and of course had to take some pics!

I haven't posted on here about this yet but Leigh and I are doing a whole30 which means basically 30 days of no junk food. So pretty much everything foodwise at Pitt Meadows day was out, including the THIRTEEN food trucks I counted.

Arianna didn't make it home for her nap, too much excitement and she passed out early.

Sunday was a relaxing day, in the afternoon we went to Nicky's mom's house, she was having a band play and basically a giant picnic!

Arianna got to wear her hawaiian print dress Nicky got for her a few months ago!

Puppy love!

My weekend even extended into Monday. My Mom, Arianna and I went into Bellingham to go to Target, Trader Joes and Costco. We mostly got groceries but it was a fun adventure!


  1. Looks like a fun weekend! I'm jealous about how easy you can go to the states

  2. She is adorable ;) Looks like you guys had a blast