Saturday, June 13, 2015

Arianna {7 months}

This last month has been one of my favourites so far. Which is completely helped by the fact that this little angel is an amazing sleeper now. She's so interactive and fun. I love handing her random objects and watching her play with them.


*is 18.5 lbs
*is about 27 inches tall.
*is freaking adorable (duh)
*laughing and babbling away, which is my favourite
*gets sooo excited when daddy comes home or when he gets her up in the morning
*when she's tired, she runs her fingers through her hair and twirls it
*sleeps 12+ hours a night (usually 6pm-6am) plus 2-3 naps (halle-freaking-luja)
*takes all naps in her crib, aside from her 4pm catnap and special occasions
*since we started sleep training, she hasn't been using a soother at all, so for two months now.
*does an army crawl and she's fast! she's across the living room in a minute!
*can sit pretty well on her own
*no teeth yet
*can pull herself to standing on her activity cube
*we gave up on purees and now she eats little bite size pieces of everything, which is way more fun and easier. We do feed her chicken that has been put through the food processor mixed with apple sauce and greek yogurt with a spoon though.
*feeds herself, as in picks up food off her high chair tray and puts it in her own mouth. The first time she did this it stunned me!
*still in carters 6 months but the 3-6 months isn't fitting anymore, so she's mostly in 6-12 months, loving her summer clothes!
*size 3 diapers
*she's already a music lover and is obsessed with dad's guitar
*loves the jumperoo, activity cube, and this little toy car we borrowed recently from my sister in law. She also equally loves wipe containers, water bottles, baby cracker wrappers, and wooden spoons. Go figure.
*loves throwing things on the ground and banging toys on her high chair
*is obsessed with dogs. When she sees Layla (or Teeka, Daisy or Duke) she smiles and giggles at them.
*she loves sitting in her high chair and eating baby crackers and watching Mama cook!

We are starting to get out and do fun summer stuff and can't wait to make lots of memories for her first summer!

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