Sunday, June 12, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

We all have our guilty pleasures, those things that secretly delight us that are kind of embarrassing. Part of the fun of having a blog is getting to say what you think and what you like. For some reason it takes away the fear of being judged. I have no idea how that works but I kinda like it! It's nice to just be me. And my guilty pleasures are a part of me and have been for a loooong time! So here goes:


Yup. I admit it. I like the soaps. Really just this one. Liking soaps is in my blood. I am actually named after a soap opera. True story. Anyways, my mom and I have watched this off and on for as long as I can remember. I used to watch it when I came home from school instead of after school specials! I had forgotten about it for ages but then when I realised I could PVR soon as I get home that's how I wind down and relax.
Speaking of the guilty pleasure shows...

I really cannot help it. This show is SO addicting!! Will possibly post more on this after I have seen Monday's episode!

Leigh always makes fun of me for buying this magazine, but I love it for several reasons: It's two dollars, there are always good recipes and really interesting natural health tips! Good enough for me!
Speaking of things Leigh makes fun of me for...

So unclassy, I know. But there is nothing better to do on a long road trip or softball game! It just makes everything more entertaining.
And finally my last guilty pleasure...NAPS!!!

Is that not the cutest kitten picture ever?!! <3

What are your guilty pleasures?? Come on, you know you wanna admit them!! :-)


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  1. I'm seriously addicted to the Bachelorette. I watched Ali's season, and now I've also set up a PVR recording for this season - I'm totally addicted :)

    Also, I totally agree with the sunflower seeds - TOTALLY un-ladylike but they totally remind me of summers as a kid!

    My biggest guilty pelasure has to be POPCORN, I loovvvve popcorn soo much!