Thursday, June 30, 2011

Popsicles and the Bachelor!

I have been such a bad blogger! I'm not being lazy, it's just not much is going on lately that's worth blogging about! However, a few things:
    How SHOCKED are we?

    Oh right. That's what we predicted all along. I hope Ashley has better luck with whoever she picked. It seems like the Bachelorette's have better luck than the Bachelors. I wonder if Emily will go on the Bachelorette now? I bet she will.

    In other news, I have been watching way too much TV lately.  The Bachelorette of course, and I am LOVING Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. It's so inspiring!! Chris Powell is awesome, he specializes in transformations and helping people lose like hundreds of pounds. Plus he's hilarious and he swears. I just love it, it's so emotionally uplifting. I can't wait to be a trainer and help people!
    Speaking of which, I received another certificate in the mail (FINALLY, mail is back!)

    Another step is DONE! I could actually go work in a weight room I think but I'm just going to move onto the next step! In the meantime I'm learning as much as I can about fitness and the human body. Yay!!

    Speaking of healthy things, I am dying to make these:

    I just need to find these type of Popsicle makers. Anyone know where I can get those? I have the skinny ones but I think these would be way better. For the recipe, head on over to my idol Skinnytaste. 

    Oooh, I also really want to make this BLT Macaroni Salad.   

    Maybe this weekend, I will do some cooking! :-)

    More soon!

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    1. I'm not surprised Brad and Emily broke up. I don't like her.....My large opinion for only watching 1 show lol.

      I'm dying to make fresh fruit popsicles too!