Friday, June 10, 2011

I Heart Kate Middleton

Up until late last year, Kate Middleton was not on my radar at all. I knew vaguely who she was and that she was dating Prince William and that was it. Those were the days. Now I'm a little bit obsessed, along with many many others. The girl is now being considered a style icon. Seriously, she even has a style book!

She always looks flawless: hair, makeup, outfit, shoes, everything! It's crazy! Everytime I see a new picture of her I always think that I love her outfit. Everything she wears is tracked down and sold out within minutes. She just looks so put together. Maybe I love this because I never do, lol! AND she does her own makeup!! Anyways, I thought I'd do a little tribute and see who else is having a Kate crush! 

A few looks I adore:
Sundresses in bright colours and wedges..two of my favourite things!

A few post wedding Princess-ey looks

I am really loving her classic shoes as well, this nude pump from LK Bennett is super versatile and I need some, stat!

The wedges she's been sporting lately are also from LK Bennett:

Kate and Prince William are going on a tour of the US and Canada soon (unfortunately NOT Vancouver, which is just so unfair) and I am dying to see what cute summer dresses she'll be wearing? 

What do you think of Kate's style?



  1. i'm with you on the obsession with kate!! she is stunning and so classy!! i heart those wedges, too :)

  2. She has the best style. It's so elegant but still effortless. Great post! Btw, check out my blog if you like.