Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kate's Royal Tour: My Favourite Looks

I wanted to post about my weekend but my touchpad on my Blackberry is broken again and I can't upload photos...so I will post about this instead:

Has anyone else woken up the past two weeks and thought: "I wonder what Kate will wear today?"

I can't be the only one. Well, at least I have my go-to site for Kate information: What Kate Wore. Seriously, an entire site dedicated to her outfits. But let me make one thing clear, the outfits have nothing to do with it. Every time Kate wears something, it sells out as soon as it's identified. This always kind of bothers me. Do people really think that by buying the exact same outfit, they're going to magically turn into a princess? I'm sure some people just like certain items but I feel like a lot of the time the people buying it and consistently buying similar items should just try to have their own style and look. That's why Kate always looks amazing she has her own unique style that really only she can pull off! Well and movie stars. If Kate wasn't a princess, she could definitely be a movie star. Check out my favourite looks from her tour of the US and Canada, with her husband, whatshisname. Just kidding. Seriously though, William has been taking a backseat in the attention department, Kate just steals the show.

I absolutely love this lace number:
Lovely in green:

 This is so a movie star look!! It was LA after all..

This Canada Day outfit is probably my favourite! Kate is wearing Queen Elizabeth's maple leaf brooch by the way. What a nice Grandma-in-law!

Ahh, love them all! Such a princess! What was your favourite Kate look from the tour?

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  1. I love the dress she wore in LA on the red carpet. So classy. So skinny. Bitch.