Sunday, July 3, 2011

My lovely weekend!

Well our patriotic long weekend is almost over, but my American friends get one more day! I feel like my posts are totally random lately. Kind of how my brain works. Anyways...
I hope everyone had a great weekend. Leigh and I had a nice relaxing weekend. He took me to his RC flying club, which I didn't realize was so nice there! It's super peaceful and in the middle of nowhere. I brought snacks and my Kobo and I was pretty much set! Leigh won this awesome zero gravity chair at a flying event and I've taken responsibility for keeping it warm! It's so perfect for lounging. I call it my throne.
Here's my view:
and if I looked over to my right:

Excellent view of my hubby flying! We headed over there on Friday in the late afternoon. It was a little chilly, which is why I was wearing jeans but still nice and sunny. When the sun went down we had a bonfire and watched the fireworks in Cloverdale which we could see perfectly from the flying field.
We had so much fun we went back on Saturday and it was so hot. I got an awesome tan. I'm so lucky in the tan department, I can get a tan so easily. Don't be too jealous, I have a slow metabolism. :-P 
During my day in the sun, I devoured this:
Must read beach book!
I also picked up something at the mall that I've been wanting FOREVER, a cropped jean jacket. I love how they look with sundresses, especially since the weather in Vancouver can be a little tempermental. Best of all, it was only $17.50. Yay!!

Leigh and I just got back from a nice little walk, I am still so full from dinner! 

Mini burgers are officially my new obsession. They're so CUTE!!! and delicious! I got these ones from Superstore, they are the PC Blue Menu ones and they are yummy! If you live in Canada you have to try them!

Sadly, now it is time for laundry. Hope your week starts off great!


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