Sunday, November 3, 2013

My Solo Adventure and a Mermaid

So my Erin Condren planner finally arrived...but I had shipped it to post office box at the border. That I had never been to. I couldn't wait to go pick it up, but I also couldn't find anyone who could come with me. I decided to be brave and cross the border by myself. For some reason the idea of entering another country solo (despite the millions of time I've been with others) really freaked me out.

I got a Starbucks to keep me entertained in the lineup, and off I went. Annnd I promptly got stuck in the longest border lineup I've ever been in that I remember, about an hour and a half. I actually enjoyed some time alone.

let's not discuss my disastrous hair and no makeup. 
Once I crossed the border, I excitedly picked up my package. The girl at the post office said she loves seeing Erin Condren boxes because they're so pretty and I asked her if lots of people order them, and she said mostly just bloggers! Haha! I guess we're a special breed of dorks with our personalized planners and coloured pens.

Since I'd already come all this way, it only made sense to keep going and have a little fun time at the mall, right? It's only like 20 minutes from the border. I thought I would be bored shopping by myself, but I was seriously like so gleeful, I was prancing around the mall, birthday money in my purse, having a blast. I didn't really buy much though, but got some great ideas for Christmas! Now that I've done it before, I'm going to go do my shopping on a weekday alone and get it all done nice and early! 

In other news, Halloween was fun. I took full advantage of the fact that I have someone to dress up aka Layla. By Halloween rolled around, she actually had two costumes. One I bought early and the other I bought right before Halloween because it was on sale. The mermaid costume was 4 dollars, who could resist? We took Layla on our annual walk down Starlight in Coquitlam where so many houses are decorated amazingly. 

thanks to Amanda for sending me this!
Now that Halloween is over, of course everywhere is already gearing up for Christmas. This is my official stance on the matter. Now is the time where I enjoy PREPARING for Christmas. I do not enjoy stores like STARBUCKS pretending like it's already here. Because the best part is the buildup to Christmas, and it kind of brushes over the whole build up. I am, however going to my favourite craft fair this Saturday so I will probably be really excited after that. But I'm still staying away from Starbucks for the next little while. You guys know I'm Christmas crazy, but we need to keep it more special and starting everything November 1st makes it a little less special. In a few weeks I'll be joining you.


  1. Wish I lived closer to you because I totally would have made the trip with you! :)

  2. All of the Christmas stuff in stores is crazy! I love Christmas, but there hasn't even been a full week of November yet!

  3. for what it's worth, i think your REALLY brave! i hate traveling alone, and i make my husband do everything with me. good for you!