Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Someday I Will

Someday I will actually pick a place off my travel board on Pinterest and book a trip there. Whenever Leigh and I talk about taking a trip, I can never decide where to go so I just don't book anything. Preposterous. 

Someday I will have frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity in New York with my mom.

Someday I will be as domestic as I want to be. My house will be clean and organized, I will definitely know where my ten pairs of work capris are at all times, and when I locate them in their proper place, I will NOT have to scramble for a lint roller to get all the Layla hair off them.

Someday I will have a shopping spree that resembles a montage from a chick flick. 

Someday I will learn to accept relationships for what they are and not what I wish they would be.

Someday I will learn how to get my wardrobe to look like my Style board on Pinterest.

Someday I will finish all those genius DIY projects that I couldn't live without, aka the old file cabinet with one coat of Tiffany blue paint sitting on my deck.

Someday I will not be a zombie in the mornings. I don't know how, because at the present moment it takes me forever to wake up and be energized. I suspect that this will involve moving my Keurig to my nightstand.

Someday I will have my very own house with Leigh. This is solely so that I can be the female version of Clark Griswold.

Someday I will learn how to apply makeup that makes me look like a professional did it, preferable without endangering myself and others. Currently my eyeballs hate me and I suspect my haphazard makeup skills are to blame.

Someday I will own a sparkly dress.

Someday I will learn to stay in the moment and enjoy life as it comes and not worry about the next thing that's coming after the moment is over.

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  1. I made myself a rule that I can not pin another DIY project until I actually complete one on my board. :)

  2. That dress is to die for!! I should add a sparkly dress to my "someday" list too =)

  3. I've always wanted a sparkly dress to wear on New Years but can NEVER find the perfect one. And I've had the frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity in Vegas but will definitely have to hit it up on my next NYC trip! It's AMAZING

  4. HAHA, I love the shopping spree that looks like a montage from a chick flick. I need to add this to my own list. And that sparkly dress? Gorgeous! New Years eve this year! Make it happen!
    -Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

  5. i want to copy everything from this post haha! i love all of your goals and feel the exact same way!