Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Family Day, Red Velvet and Kittens

Life has been a little crazy lately, which is why my posting has been sporadic at best. This weekend was a long weekend in BC, so that was fun. I had clients on Saturday and Monday, so it wasn't a work free weekend for me, but I adore all my clients so I didn't mind one bit! I actually love starting my days with training.

This weekend was a fun one, sprinkled with time with lots of friends and family. We spent some time with our friend Hilary who has an adorable kitten named Earl, him and Layla are BFFs. They seriously chase each other around for HOURS. Sidenote, this conversation happened the other day: Leigh keeps asking Layla (because we talk to our dog, of course) if she wants a kitten for Christmas. I said to Leigh "I thought you weren't a cat person, do you actually want a cat?" to which he replied "I'm not, I don't really want one, but I want to get one for Layla, she would love it."

My husband wants to buy our dog her own pet.

Moving on, we had a family dinner on Saturday for my Mom, because she's gone on another missions trip with our church, this time to South Africa. I'm so proud of her for all her hard work. Read more about the mission here if you like.

Sunday, I got a little visit with Nicky and J but it was only for an hour or so. Need more girl time, always.

I also worked on the blog a little, you might notice you can now pin directly from my blog!

Monday was Family Day, which is an interesting holiday, mostly because I kept forgetting it was a holiday. I had a client in the morning, then I went to Walmart with my mother-in-law. We wandered around and pretty much came to the usual conclusion that Walmart is better in the states, along with every other store. So we just bought groceries.

I made a delicious lasagna dinner for Leigh and my in-laws (if I do say so myself) and then Leigh and I made a little ice cream run. I am not a fan of Dairy Queen, I rarely get anything there but they just to happened to have RED VELVET blizzards. I had to try them, so I got a mini size, which was perfect.

After our ice cream run, we watched this totally random movie:

I actually enjoyed it for a romantic (but not really till the end) movie that was also funny. It was shown at the Toronto Film Festival, and obviously people liked it so they marketed it as a typical chick flick type of movie, hence cover above with the bride and pink bridesmaids. I enjoyed it though, and Leigh didn't hate it so bonus.

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