Friday, February 14, 2014

Love and Friday

I have been floating on cloud nine since Wednesday due to our future home currently being built and everyone's sweet comments and messages. We are so excited! I had the day off today, so in between daydream decorating I decided to do a random post:

First off, Happy Valentine's Day! Leigh and I are not huge Valentine's Day people but I did leave him a caramel apple in his car for a treat this morning. And I told him he's off the hook for me, I've got everything I want mostly because...

I kind of bought a little Valentine's present for myself...these wedges. When I cleaned out my closet in January, I got rid of a lot of older worn out shoes and black wedges were missing from my wardrobe. I decided to scoop these up while they still had sizes.


Sooo kind of a funny story, I was walking downtown yesterday, wearing my typical cute trainer outfit (see above pic). I had some running around to do for work I was going to meet up with my friend Nicky for lunch (Chipotle, obviously) and I guess I looked a little confused when I got off the skytrain because this guy in a suit asked if I needed help, then introduced himself, then proceeded to ask me out on a date. I told him I was married, and he was very nice, but as I was walking away, I was trying not to burst out laughing. I seriously think I haven't been asked on a date in like 10 years! I always tell Leigh, I don't get hit on because I have a "resting bitchy face" which means when my face is neutral, I just look unfriendly and unapproachable. So, single ladies, apparently the damsel in distress thing still works?!

Anyways, I finished up with my clients last night, checked my phone and I had a zillion notifications due to this status, which caused me to burst out laughing: 

That guy makes me laugh. Don't worry, he's definitely kidding about the guns. ;-)

I hope I'm not the only one that's super excited about least my Dad and sister are on board with me. Love love love this show.

In other fun news, my sweet cousin Shelby had the idea to run a 5K in June in honour of my Grandmother with our family. It's the Scotiabank Half Marathon and 5K. I am NOT a runner, I would prefer to do pretty much anything else for cardio but I am excited for a new challenge and it's only 5K so how bad can it be? I will probably have to invest in a new pair of running shoes though. More shoe shopping, I guess.
Happy Friday everyone! 

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