Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Arianna {3 Months}

We made it three months!! Woohoo!! The more time goes on, the easier it feels. I feel like I really know her now, what she likes and what she doesn't and what each little noise she make means.  We don't really have a "routine" yet for each day, but we seem to be doing pretty well!

Weight: As of January 23rd, when I took her to have her immunizations, she was 13.8lbs

Height: 24 inches. She's in the 85th percentile for both height and weight!

Feeding: She's such a good little eater. Still almost exclusively breastfeeding although occasionally she acts super annoyed as if there's nothing left in there so when that happens I'll top her up with a bit of formula. She makes these adorable noises while she eats, at first she kinda glugs the milk and then slows down and makes these happy little murmurs. Girl likes her food!

Sleep: I am constantly working on the sleep thing and figuring out what helps her sleep better and have more rest. Like if she doesn't have a good morning nap, she's cranky later at night. I also feed her a bit more leading up to bedtime, which is usually between 7-8. I was getting very exhausted because I'd go to bed at 10, finally fall asleep at 11 and she'd wake up at 1 or so to eat. I started giving her a "dream feed" which is basically when you pick up the baby, feed her while she's still half asleep right before you go to bed yourself. This is a LIFESAVER. Now she will sleep from the dream feed to 5 or 6am, which is soooo nice. We still have Leigh sleeping in the spare bed so he can be rested for work. As soon as we move into our place she'll be moving into her own room where I'm sure I'll be checking on her constantly and driving myself crazy.

Milestones: A few weeks ago, I put her on her tummy and she just rolled over like it was nothing. I put her back on her tummy and she just kept doing it. I think it startled her a little so she doesn't do it every time now. She laughs out loud now, which sounds like a giggle cough somehow.  She can pick up a toy and move it around a little bit. She has a crazy strong neck and moves her head around so fluently now. She drools like crazy now, and has discovered her hands which she is constantly trying to put in her mouth. She also is always trying to figure out how to reach her feet (see below photo). She had her first ever hotel trip this weekend, and her first swim!

Clothes: Still downright obsessed with dressing her. Will probably cry when she gets old enough to want to dress herself. She still fits in 0-3 month clothes even though she's technically out of the weight range for them. But some 3-6 month stuff is swimming on her. 

Diapers: Size 2. FYI, still haven't ran out of diapers since my pregnancy stock up. I've got about a hundred left so I will have to buy some soon though.

Likes: mornings, her family, watching the puppies, if you make funny faces at her, this youtube channel we found that has all the nursery rhymes in english accents, her wubbanub lamb, her rattles, all of her gear: loves the swing, carseat, bouncy chair, exersaucer, playmat. She loves it all. She's super happy to change it up and hang out in different areas. She loves when I lift her in the air and this little game my mom plays with her where she helps her sit up. She loves to play but she's also super content to just hang out in one of her seats with her soother and just relax. She loves riding in the car, going for walks, shopping. I seriously think she loves shopping. 

Dislikes: Hardly anything, if I had to say anything it would be she hates being gassy. It's the only thing that pisses her off. That and being overtired which we try sooo hard to avoid.

Baby gear we love: I got a second swing (Fisher Price) on a bidding site for $40, it has a lot of extra stuff mine doesn't have but I love these swings. She loves hanging out in it, the one I got has a tray with some toys on it and she flips them around, and I'll give her different toys to play with. This isn't really "gear" but white noise is a definite must for both of us. It helps us both sleep super deeply and not wake up from every little noise, ie Layla barking like crazy at everyone that dares walk by the house. The annoying thing is we are both used to this heavy rainfall one that I downloaded on my phone and when I put her to bed sometimes I have to leave my phone in there for her to fall asleep. I want to find a noise machine that has a good rainfall noise!

Things I don't want to forget:
Every morning we have a little routine, when she is waking up but I'm not quite there yet, I bring her into bed with me and let her arms out of the swaddle so she can stretch. Depending on our schedule for the day she'll sometimes fall back asleep for a bit, but when I get up, I turn on the lamp and pick her up and take her over to the mirror and say "Who's that adorable baby" and when she looks at herself she laughs and smiles and then buries her face shyly into my shoulder. It's soo cute.

Looking Forward to:
I'm adding this section because although I enjoy every moment, there's always exciting ones to come. I'm starting to get everything together FINALLY for her nursery and I'm super excited about that! I will post about that separately soon.

I still can't believe Arianna is 3 months. I'm oddly not sad to watch her grow up and get older like I thought I'd be. I think because it gets more and more fun and I'm getting less sleep deprived. I am getting sad about her outgrowing some of my favourite clothes, though. I'm sure that can be rectified by a little trip to Carter's though ;-)

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