Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Heart Wedges

Almost every girl loves shoes, and I am no exception. My shoe of choice is the truly awesome wedge. Wedges give the same height boosting skinnifying (not a word, I know) benefits of a heel, but without all the discomfort and fuss. They look great with a sundress and not too over the top so people look at you funny if you wear them out for errands. Also, I tend to bail less on wedges.

I have been on the search for the perfect wedge for this summer. I've decided I need two pairs, I have already bought these black ones I posted about last month:

Definitely a great choice, I think. They are totally versatile and I wore them for a night out and they were super comfy. Now, onto my other pair, which are proving to be a lot more difficult to find. See, my perfect wedges are sold out in my size at Forever 21.
Sigh. I looooove these shoes. I have looked for similar pairs but nothing seems to compare to this perfect wedge that will go with everything. I have found a "acceptable" substitute at Payless but I haven't decided yet, something bugs me about them.

I think it's the braiding in the front. Who knows though, you may see me around this summer wearing them I can't find anything better!

Searching for summer shoes makes me excited for better weather and less rain. It's much more preferable than searching for which pants I can wear that won't drag and get as soaked in this miserable weather. Don't worry, friends, sunshine is just around the corner!



  1. I had the first pair and I wore them out last year! So comfy! :) Good to know theyre still carrying them, I might have to make a purchase :)

  2. This makes me want summer and sandal weather really badly! That and I need to buy new sandals!

  3. I love the top wedges! They are totally you!

    I have one pair of wedges that I bought in Amsterdam, and I wear them most days. I'll just have to go back when they wear out LOL

  4. I love wedges on everyone else but me! I think they are so cute, then I try them on and think they look not so cute. I don't know why!
    They are so dang cute!
    Have a pretty day!