Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Girl's Weekend!

This past weekend, I left Arianna at home for a weekend trip with J and Nicole. Did you hear that? I left my baby at HOME! I was definitely worried about how I would feel leaving her for the weekend but I was actually fine. I knew she was in good hands! Leigh did such an amazing job handling things on the home front. So much so that I have been asking him for TIPS on what he was doing! Arianna had been having serious nap issues prior to me going away. Like Thursday was a 12 minute nap in the morning and a 20 minute nap in the afternoon. Babies need to nap for at least an hour. If you don't believe me, come hang out at my house after my baby has only slept for 12 minutes. Anyways, our amazing sleep consultant gave me a great scheduling tip that totally seems to have worked because from Friday onwards, she has been napping for at least an hour, save for a few 45 minute ones. *knocks on all the wood*

Anyways, enough about baby naps!

Friday my mom came over to take care of Arianna while Leigh was at work, and the girls came and picked me up.  The weather here or in Penticton did not look promising and definitely was about to get a whole lot worse here. We had a nice drive up and when we got there, it was cloudy but not too cold. We hung out on the beach for a bit with our jeans and sweaters on, and then checked into our room. I didn't take too many pics this weekend but I'll share the ones I did take.

outfit pic with amazing bathtub setup in the background

We had a little nap, then got all dolled up and went out for dinner to our favourite place, Salty's Beach House. It was funny because we all ended up wearing each other's clothes. I packed stuff I was excited to wear and ended up wearing Nicky's clothes both nights.

super cute store front (sadly it was sassy for like age 65+ but still cute nonetheless!)

Saturday we woke up early (haha it was like 730 but actually that's sleeping in for me and it was amazing!) got a coffee at Starbucks and walked the farmer's market, which is huge!

farmer's market flowers

The weather was fine when we ventured out but we ended up in like torrential downpour at the farmers market, so we walked to the nearest hotel and got a cab to Salty's for lunch, where I had a coffee with Bailey's. Amazing!

We totally lucked out and got a few hours of sun, so we hit the beach for some relaxing and reading. I'm so glad we got that time in, because it definitely made it feel more like a "beach vacation"!

After the beach the girls hit up a few wineries and I stayed behind to have a bath and read for a bit.

Another outfit pic! Hey, I don't get to get dressed up very often!

Nicky and I taking selfies on the patio!

We got all dolled up again and went out for dinner and drinks to a patio called the Barking Parrot. They had some seriously delicious drinks!

At least we have one pic together from our weekend!

 Sunday morning we got up, packed up our room, and went to this amazing placed called the Bench Artisan Food Market. We sat on the patio and had breakfast and amazing coffee. I got a giant latte and it was sooo good! After breakfast we headed home. I thought Arianna would be so excited to see me...nope! She was giving me the dirtiest looks like "Pfft, you think you can go away for the weekend and come back and get snuggles?!" but eventually she forgave me and was back to her usual self.

I can't even describe how relaxing it was to not have responsibilities (other than pumping) for the weekend. It was a total recharge for me. I'm so grateful to my husband and my mom/in laws for helping with Arianna so I could go do our annual trip. Even though my life is different now, I always want to make time for my friends and my traditions!

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  1. You look fabulous friend! Glad you were able to get away for a girls weekend. You deserve it! :)