Monday, November 2, 2015

Arianna's First Halloween!

Just like that, her last first holiday has passed, and tomorrow is her first birthday. Ahhh!!

I knew I wanted to dress her up for Halloween, but the one costume I had in mind wouldn't be warm enough for trick or treating, so she got two costumes. I had to work Saturday morning, so she spent her morning with her dad cleaning the house haha.

When I got back, Nicky came over and helped me get her dressed in her first costume! She also got Arianna her first ever Halloween book.

After she had an amazing almost two hour afternoon nap, we headed out to meet my mom.

 I did dress Layla up but I ended up just taking her to my parents to hang out with my Dad and the other dogs.

wearing her cousin's gnome costume hat lol

We got some decaf coffees to keep us warm and headed to my brother's house. Arianna did her first "trick or treat" there and then burst into tears. Poor kid lol.By the end of the evening she totally got the hang of it. She was even holding out her bucket!

We also stopped by my sister's house for trick or treating. Jenn had to take a picture with Arianna of course, they were both very festive. In exchange for the picture, I scooped an extra handful of candy on the way out of her house. :-P

She started to get pretty tired so I took her home where she was in the happiest mood ever. She sat with her bucket playing with the miniature candy bars for like ten minutes, and then she was a happy girl in the bath. I wanted to dress her in her halloween jammies but I couldn't' find the top. Fail!

She ended up going to bed an hour later than normal at 8pm because I'd been creeping her schedule later with some wild hopes that it would help balance out daylight savings time. And it actually totally worked! I was able to keep her on the same schedule all day yesterday. And she woke up at about 6:20am which isn't too bad!

All in all, Arianna's first Halloween filled up my heart even more. Seeing her all dressed up and trick or treating with her cousins made me feel so happy and grateful. Watching her grow up is becoming so much fun.

More tomorrow for her first birthday...*tear*

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