Monday, August 24, 2015

Random Life Update

All of my August goals are going great except the blogging one! Life is a little crazy lately and sometimes I can't gather my thoughts together enough for a blog post. Or I have one planned that's say, sharing pictures of my house and I have piles of stuff everywhere lol. I have been walking an insane amount though! I usually go for a walk in the morning and usually at least another one in the afternoon.

We have made some baby gear changes that I'm excited about. These are things you get excited about as a  mom. I have a running stroller that I've never really used because I kept it at my parents. I decided to bring it home and have been using it for walks and I love it! However I then had two full size strollers in my 800 square foot apartment which was not great. I decided to keep the running stroller and sold my "every day" britax one to buy an umbrella stroller. I got this one which I LOVE. Seriously the cutest stroller (and passenger) ever!

I finally solved my car seat puzzle and I'm so happy about it. Not everyone understands (especially people with more than one child, which I totally get) but I really liked having Arianna in the middle of the backseat vs behind the passenger or me. The other two seats are still usable and it just makes me feel like she's that much safer. My goal was to try to find a new bigger carseat that would fit rear facing in our car for another year at least before turning her around and I found it! I took it to a certified car seat technician and she showed me out to install it. I really did not feel confident in doing it on my own and it's very easy to make mistakes installing car seats. She said the one I chose fits great and has a nice tight install so I'm very happy about that. And just like that my little baby is in a big girl carseat.

We're making some changes in our house that I'll be sharing this week. I'm loving making the apartment our home but I'm not loving how hard it is to keep it clean (or how easy it is to clutter it up, I should say) but it's getting better. You know when you're getting rid of stuff it makes a huge mess but it's so much nicer when it all finally leaves? We're in that stage.

On Friday morning I'm going on my first weekend trip without Arianna. She's staying home with her Dad and I know she'll be fine but I'm a little worried about how I will feel without her! Thankfully I'll be busy with my friends and having a great time, I'm sure!

I have a really good little list of recipes that I love making but I'm always looking to add new ones to the list. Especially since the healthy favourites list is quite a short one and I end up making them over and over again. I came across this Brussel Sprouts Carbonara recipe on Skinnytaste and I'm dying to try it. I've pretty much given up on pasta unless it has tons of flavour but this one looks amazing!

More posts this week, I promise!

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  1. Her little ponytail is so cute! What car seat did you get?