Friday, December 4, 2015

Happy December!!

My favourite month is finally heeeeree!!! All of the Christmas spirit I've been keeping in is about to bust out like a can of silly string. I know I haven't blogged in forever but I really want to document our holiday season so I've promised myself that it's happening. Also I started writing this post on December 1st. At least I'm finally posting something!

We kicked off the month with a fun family night! December 1st is one of my favourite days. You can open your advent calendars, for one. Time to soak up the season! We've already had Leigh's work party which is my one opportunity to dress up. We also celebrated American thanksgiving with Leigh's family last weekend! Of course now it's already the 4th!

Our tree went up over the course of a week. One day we brought the box up, the next I put it up, then I put on half the lights the next day. It's a bit of a process with a toddler and a crazy work schedule. Thankfully things are slowing down and one of Arianna's official babysitters (aka Grandma) is HOME on Thursday from her mission trip in Columbia! I'm so surprised but Arianna has been great with the tree. Most of my ornaments are shatterproof, the special ones I have put at the top. The bottom has soft ornaments, kid friendly bulbs (Disney princess and Dora, both are mine lol) and these ornaments my mother in law gave me with bells. Those are great because if she's touching the tree I hear a little jingle.

Back in like September, I decided I wanted Arianna and I to have matching pjs. I found out a few places that sold them and stalked the websites until they showed up and ordered them! Of course they are already sold out so I'm glad I did! They're literally the comfiest pjs I've ever worn in my life. I was also really smart and got Arianna the same jammies in 2T for next year so I can wear mine again.

In other festive news, I got Arianna a Santa sippy cup from Target and it is the cutest!

I've been planning a mini advent thing for Arianna just festive little activities for each day, so I will post more about that later!

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